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    New Educational Resource For Parents And Young People

    New Educational Resource For Parents And Young People

    A new resource for teaching children the importance of their choices and the need to recognize good information from bad has come onto the educational scene.

    The Good Choice Education Center saw an online world that influenced children’s thinking, and sometimes not in a positive way.

    The Circumstances. Young people are growing up today under the influence of an unprecedented amount of information, most of which is delivered to the phone right in their hands. Some of it is helpful, but much of this information is influencing them in detrimental ways. Parents must recognize that this is not a problem of the future, but that, in fact, such information is already influencing their child’s thinking and, in some cases, their words and actions as well.

    Professionals Are Concerned. Writing in Psychology Today, Dr. Marilyn Price-Mitchell, PhD states: “There is a growing debate in the world of technology that cuts to the core of who we are as individuals. It asks the question…how does technology affect the healthy development of children and teens? No one knows for sure, but there is evidence to support the positives, negatives, and downright scary aspects of how technology may impact healthy child development.”

    A New Resource for Parents. The Good Choice Education Center library was developed to help parents teach fundamental personal values while helping their children recognize the importance of the choices they make. Our library contains a total of 136 choice-making lessons organized into the 17 courses below. These lessons are based on common-sense practices and important values such as honesty, kindness, respect, and helping others. They are to-the-point and intended to stimulate thinking as well as promote important discussions between the parent and child.

    Online Course Titles/Topics
    • The Importance of Choices
    • Becoming Who You Are
    • Managing Yourself
    • Being an Honest Person
    • Creating a Caring You
    • Discovering Your Intended Purpose
    • Helping Others
    • Gaining Knowledge/Understanding
    • Conducting Yourself Properly
    • Improving Your Country
    • Respecting Others as Individuals
    • Getting through Difficult Times
    • Thinking Wisely
    • Developing a Meaningful life
    • Making Your Life More Enjoyable
    • Managing Technology in Your Life
    • Looking to the Future

    Development Team. The Good Choice Education Center was developed by a team of parents and young people headed by Michael Nelson who has written two books on the subject, Good Choices Good Life and Living by Choice and started the educational nonprofit Good Choices Good Life. His motivation for this project was two-fold—a strong belief that information on the internet is negatively impacting our young people and the need by parents for educational resources to help them teach their children the importance of the choices they make.

    For more details, visit us at

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