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    Planning An Awesome Office Party? Here’s What It Needs To Have (Even Virtually)

    Planning An Awesome Office Party? Here’s What It Needs To Have (Even Virtually)

    People spend most of their lives at work. While it is important to stay committed, focused, and serious in the work environment, there is no harm in unwinding every now and then.

    Holiday seasons, birthdays, big promotions, and other happy occasions call for a celebration.

    When throwing an office party, you would need a to-do list for tasks and things to buy. Here is what to consider at your next office party.

    Set a Budget

    The smart thing to do first is to determine where the money goes. Make a list of what you need, but take care not to break the bank. For instance, if it is a birthday party, you should think of candles, cakes, gifts, and utensils. If it is a corporate event or anniversary, you will need to think on a wider scale concerning decorations, food, and other services. You should start setting a budget within a reasonable period before the event to deal with any complications and not miss a deadline.

    Organize the Day

    A logical thing to do after handling the financial part is to start planning everything. To ease tasks out, you should set a schedule and a to-do list. Specify the needed activities, write the list of invitees, and determine the dress code. According to event experts at Green Light Booking, you should also not forget about organizing entertainment and activities in the schedule. There are numerous agencies to hook you up with the best bands or DJs to add flair to your day.

    Choose the Catering

    Nothing gathers people around better than food. So, catering services are an integral part of any event. They handle everything professionally from appetizers to main courses. All you have to do is a little browsing for what service suits you and your wallet the best.

    There are plenty of caterers that have special offers for occasions and birthdays. Navigate catering menus and look for starter foods, meals, beverages, platters, special desserts, cakes, and liquor if it is appropriate for the occasion. In any case, catering services are better left to the experts as they have comprehensive menus that fit everyone, especially in terms of allergies and diets.

    List the Equipment

    You should consider the party equipment around two or three weeks ahead of time. Think of how many chairs and tables can accommodate with respect to the attendees’ list, not to mention the dinnerware used. If the numbers are not enough, perhaps it is time to rent some more. You may also need speakers, screens, or projectors for a good karaoke session at the party.

    Look for Input

    Perhaps a wide approach to apply is to seek input from coworkers and other teams. Asking partygoers about what they like guarantees you a killer party where all people go home happy. This will make everyone feel included, appreciated, and excited about the upcoming event. You can ask about the theme, activities, services, and even the menu. Getting ideas through surveys and votes can help you tailor to everybody’s needs.

    Select a Party Theme

    Themes are important aspects to parties that most people may dismiss. They set the mood for the event. Choosing a fun theme is reflected in all the decisions made after it, as it determines decorations, activities, and entertainment. It also helps in choosing the centerpiece of the décor. You should think of the kind of party you are planning. There are several options to consider, such as casual, formal, after-hours, at-work, or charitable parties.

    Choose a Suitable Location

    A convenient location is the one that accommodates your party theme, equipment, and activities. It should be spacious for everyone to mingle and enjoy their time. Keep in mind that a lot of people would prefer not to attend an office party away from their work or home. So, you can either take it to a place close to work or be mindful of where you base your party in the corporate building.

    Include Activities and Entertainment

    Office parties are always great occasions for everyone to relax. They are also good opportunities for people to bond and interact. Without entertainment, the event will be dull and easily forgettable. Boost your party with games, contests, and activities to increase the interaction between partygoers. A good scavenger hunt or a trivia game can be fun with big groups. Do not forget the power of music to liven up any activity.

    The key to having a great office party is not about being extravagant. All you have to do is think of simple but creative ways to have fun. You should plan things first to set the budget and ensure that you have everything you need. With good food, drinks, entertainment, music, and impeccable organization, you get to throw a party to remember.

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