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    Preventing Infidelity: Fantasizing About Your Partner May Be The Key

    Preventing Infidelity: Fantasizing About Your Partner May Be The Key

    Ella Paradis, a leading online retailer of sexual health & wellness products, surveyed and asked 1,346 users a variety of questions to explore the top sexual desires & habits of its customers.

    The study asked questions such as “what is your top sexual desire?”, “Have you ever cheated on a partner?”, and “Do you prefer protected or unprotected sex?”

    “By asking these types of questions it provides us insight into how we can better serve our customers. Furthermore, by sharing this information with the public it helps others feel less insecure about their desires and fetishes, as most people will realize they may not be so different from everyone else,” explained CEO of Ella Paradis, Tino Dietrich.

    With the increase in dating apps and social media platforms, it feels like more and more partners are cheating on their significant others. However, according to this survey, when asked the question “have you ever cheated on a partner?” only 29.8% of users admitted that yes, they had cheated on a partner. If respondents were in fact telling the truth, then that means 70.2% of the population has remained faithful in their relationships – which would certainly be a breath of fresh air!

    According to this study, of the 82.6% of respondents in a relationship, 50.3% noted they masturbate once a week and 26.2% noted they masturbate every day. Additionally, when those in a relationship were asked who they fantasize about during masturbation, a whopping 50.7% noted they fantasize about their partner – which may correlate with the 70.2% who noted they had never cheated on a partner. 40.8% responded that they watch porn instead of mentally fantasizing, and a naughty 8.1% noted they fantasize about their crush. This then begs the question, does thinking of your partner during masturbation make you less likely to cheat on them?

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