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    Tips To Control Pests Invasion and Their Hidden Dangers

    Tips To Control Pests Invasion and Their Hidden Dangers

    Pests are small animals that can harm human health, damage food items, and crops, and destroy the infrastructure of the home.

    Pests that bite include fleas, ants, lice, spiders, mosquitoes, ticks, spiders, bed bugs, flies, and bees. Pests that damage fabrics and contaminate food items are rats, cockroaches, centipedes, moths, and dust mites. Wood-destroying pests are involved carpenter ants, wood-boring beetles, and termites.

    Why are Insects a Concern?

    Many insects can harm human beings. Cockroaches and rats can cause asthma, allergy, and many other respiratory problems. They can carry several diseases such as fire ant’s sting can cause serious allergic reactions.

    • Flies can carry the virus, bacteria, and several other diseases.
    • Mosquitoes can cause itching, infection, and allergies.
    • Rats can cause several diseases, including plague, rat-bite fever, and Hantavirus.
    • Ticks can spread diseases such as Rocky Mountain spotted fever and Lyme disease.
    • A wasp sting can cause pain, swelling, and itching and allergy.

    Effect Tiny Creature Can Have on Your Home

    According to research, we share our places with over 500 different species of insects. And these creatures can pose the following theatres to the structure and stability of our homes.

    • Mice and rats can damage the insulation and wiring in the walls and ceiling as they build their nests. They can chew the electric wires that can cause a short circuit.
    • Carpenter ants can damage your wooden furniture. Although they don’t eat the wood, they make hollow to create a colony or tunnel to live in.

    Tips to Control Pests Invasion

    When you share your place with pests, and seems difficult to keep their numbers under control. This is the time when you need a pest control service. It is always a wise decision to invest money in professional and authentic pest control services to get your home pest-free. Check out Drake Lawn & Pest Control’s blog about what to do with termite mud tubes.

    Apart from hiring a professional service, I have seen many homeowners look for natural remedies that can help to keep pests under control and help them to get rid of tiny creatures. So here are the few natural tips that can prevent insects.

    1. White Vinegar

    If you have removed all food leftovers that can attract insects still they are coming, white vinegar is the best solution. Vinegar helps to remove the scent trail that ants use to find food. So if you wipe down the place with vinegar, it cleans away the trail, and ants should stop crossing that surface.

    1. Place Pots of Basil

    Flies hate basil smell. By putting basil pots at doorways, windows, and on the kitchen counter. If you feel you don’t have enough sun for basil, then you can put dried basil in a pouch. You can even make its smell strong by rubbing it occasionally.

    1. Lemon Water

    Spiders don’t like citrus. In a spray bottle, mix lemon juice with water. Wipe down your countertops with this mixture and spry down windows and doorways. You can deter spiders in your garden by spraying this solution.

    1. Boric Acid Powder

    Boric acid powder can help to control ants, termites, cockroaches, and other household insects. When bugs walk through it, this powder will stick to their legs, and they carry it back to their nests. Boric acid acts as a stomach poison when they will be ingested.

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