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    4 Practical Ways To Keep Your Kitchen-Pest Free

    4 Practical Ways To Keep Your Kitchen-Pest Free

    Your kitchen is the most vulnerable place for pest infestation.

    When the pests invade your home, the kitchen is the first place where you would see them.

    Ants, cockroaches, and flies are the most common pests that invade your kitchen in search of food. Pests are not just bothersome and creepy, but they are also unhygienic and spread infections and bacteria. Bugs are always in search of food and water sources. That is why your kitchen seems a perfect place for them to invade. Your kitchen habits play a great role in keeping your kitchen a pest paradise or pest-free. Some effective ways to keep your kitchen pest-free are elaborated below. Click here for stainless steel bakery racks to use in food production environments.

    1. Keep a Lid on Your Trash Can:

    Many people keep their trash cans lidless under their sink. You may think that keeping your lidless can in the closed cabinet would keep your trash protected from bugs. But the fact is, bugs are very sneaky and can find creative ways to get to a food source. Therefore, you should invest in garbage cans with sealed lids. The lid on your trash can doesn’t allow the smell of food waste to spread. Thus, you can save your kitchen from the invasion of ant or cockroach by using a covered trash can.

    2. Empty the Trash Everyday:

    Most of us postpone emptying the trash can every day because it is not full, or we are too busy to do that. But accumulated trash in your bins can become a breeding ground for pests and germs overnight. Therefore, it is highly essential to empty your trash can every day. Make a daily habit of disposing of your garbage so that there is no unnecessary accumulation attracting pests to your kitchen. Or even better have the folks from install a dumpster near you so you can keep your trash out of your home, especially when the garbage collector only roams once a week.

    3. Do Your Dishes Promptly:

    All of us have busy lives, so it can be difficult to wash all the dishes right after dinner. But keep in mind all those food particles on your unwashed dishes are literally inviting pests to a buffet party. Therefore, don’t let the dirty dishes lying on your sink overnight. Washing dishes after a meal only takes a few minutes and you can think of it as an after-meal exercise.

    If you leave your dishes to soak in the sink, the standing water mixed with food particles makes another pest attracting element. The food and water combo is the paradise for roaches and these nasty nightmares are the hardest to get rid of. You would need to hire a cockroach exterminator in case of roach infestation.

    4. Store the Food in Airtight Containers:

    Clip-clipped bags and cardboard boxes may seem the right containers to store your groceries, but they are actually not. Some bugs can actually burrow through paper or cardboard to reach the food inside. Therefore, you should store your food in airtight containers such as mason jars, plastic bags, Tupperware, and other sealable jars. Storing your flour, sugar, oats, cereal, cookies, and other snacks in sealed containers mean they will not get contaminated by bugs.

    Additionally, when food is left open for a long time, it invites bugs and pests. Thus, never leave food scarp over the kitchen counter overnight.

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    • Pauline M Brewster
      November 13, 2020

      Thank you for the ideas and instructions. I’m just trying to get adult renters to stop complaining about trash can ‘hogging’. Will put Unit’s Letter on each can.

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