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    Top 3 Ways To Create A Mindful Home This Year

    Top 3 Ways To Create A Mindful Home This Year

    Everyone’s idea of a home is a haven where you can relax and unwind after a long and tiring day at work.

    This dream may not be the reality for most of us who find their homes too stuffy that they don’t enjoy their living space as much as they should.

    A cluttered home and a dull home can crowd up your personal space and make your home feel darker and not as lively. A bright calming space, on the other hand, nurtures your wellness by promoting positive mental health and a sense of mindfulness.

    Below are some of the ways you can make a mindful peaceful home out of your living space in no time at all.

    Put things in their right place

    Most people procrastinate whenever they think about rearranging their home as making sure everything is in the right place can be a tiring and consuming task. However, if you keep on top of the tidying up, and put things back where you found them, you won’t have such a big job to do in the future. You should have some time every day when you ensure that everything is where it should be such as putting all the dirty clothes in your bedroom into the laundry basket and putting the dirty dishes in the dishwasher.

    Having your worktops cluttered and the corners of your rooms filled with mess and clutter can make your home feel tense, untidy, and not a relaxing space. Playing some music while you tidy can also help boost your mood and make you feel motivated to clean up. When you are at home, meditation, staying active, and maintaining healthy nutrition are just some useful things that will help reduce your anxiety. So it’s always best to ensure that everything is nice and tidy so that you have a mindful and welcoming living space.

    Personalise your space

    The only way you make your house completely relaxing is by making it what you want it to be. If you love fancy furniture, fluffy carpets, mosaic tiles, and bright colours, go for them because having what you love around, you will help boost your mental wellbeing. To help boost your mental health and keep you physically active you could also do some DIY at home. According to Mosaic Village’s new article onWhy Do People Redecorate Their Homes?’, it shows that people redecorate their homes to renovate, update their home decor style, to increase the value of their home, and to learn new DIY skills. Statistics showed that 59% of people did home DIY because they liked it, and 23% did because they think it’s more affordable. 

    So, if you’re working from home, why not personalise your office space with a bit of DIY? You can quickly spruce up your space with a new coat of paint or new office furniture you’ve put together yourself. Choose stylish colour schemes and patterns that you love so that you have a calming and trendy home to spend your time in. 

    Make use of natural materials

    Bringing more natural items into your home space can also have a calming effect whenever you are at home. For example, having furniture that is made of natural wood and walls with some natural materials like stone or brick, or owning a seagrass basket collection, can help create a calming, peaceful and rustic home environment. Plants are also a great way to add some nature to your home too, to help decorate your space and also purify the air. Better Homes & Gardens has a list of best indoor plants highlighting how rubber plants, and Monstera plants, and Peace Lily plants are some great ones to use. 

    If you are wanting to make your home lighter and brighter, then opening your curtains and blinds each day can help flood your home with sunlight. Or you could even leave your windows without any, to let more sunlight come in everyday. Natural sunlight can help you to get the vitamin D you need and help wake you up on a morning. Getting some daylight during your day can help to clear your head, relax you, and boost your mental wellbeing. 

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