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    Create Your Own Work Oasis With Mobile Pixels

    Create Your Own Work Oasis With Mobile Pixels

    The winter has passed and the sunny weather is tempting you to go outside.

    On the other side, you are aware that there’s a lot of work to complete during the day. How about making the best out of the situation and creating an outdoor work oasis? It all starts with the hardware, so you’ll need a reliable laptop. Another thing to consider is an additional screen since that’ll increase your productivity and pleasure of doing the work. Check out the Duex Plus portable laptop monitor designed by Mobile Pixels since it presents a simple and lightweight method to have another screen on the go.

    Once you take your laptop and portable monitor into the spring sun, it’s important to take care of little details to optimize the experience. Here are some tips on how to create the best work conditions in sunny weather!

    Pick an Optimal Spot

    Your initial task is to choose the right place for working outdoors. The actual location will depend on the level of comfort and privacy that you require. Another consideration is whether you can position your laptop and the rest of the equipment and achieve optimal working conditions in the desired spot.

    Backyard or Beach – It’s Your Choice

    You don’t have to go further from your backyard to work outdoors. If you have a beautiful garden, setting up a working area there could be the right move. Consider building a table or bench, or go for a picnic-like variant and sit in the grass.

    If you prefer to change locations, how about heading to a local coffeehouse? That’s the perfect spot for those who enjoy being in a crowd and don’t mind other voices when working. If you have a beach nearby, that’s another option worth considering. However, it’s essential to protect your tech gear from sand – some plastic wraps could help with that.

    Make Sure You Minimize Glare on Your Portable Monitor for Laptop

    Direct sunlight could have a negative effect on both you and your equipment. We suggest not spending too long in a sunny spot, especially in hot weather. And don’t forget to use sunscreens, sunglasses and other protective accessories.

    As for your tech equipment, it’s best to position it so that the monitor faces away from the sunlight. That will reduce the glare and ensure you can see the screen. If necessary, you can increase the brightness level on your device. However, the higher the brightness, the more battery your laptop will use. Another pro tip is to maximize contrast in your device’s color settings.

    If you work outdoors frequently, investing in a laptop shade is a wise idea. Imagine this cover as a tent for your device. It will make your screen visible and ensure the laptop doesn’t overheat in direct sunlight.

    The Battery Can Last Enough to Cover Your Needs

    Even if you fully charge your laptop battery before heading outside, it likely won’t last more than several hours. That’s not enough if you plan to spend the entire day outdoors. Here are some tricks that you can use in outdoor conditions:

    • Take a power bank with you. These are lightweight devices that are convenient for spending days outside or heading on a trip. You can charge your laptop using this power bank’s USB port. It depends on the device’s capacity, but a power bank can usually double your laptop’s usual battery life.
    • Check if there’s an option to charge at the location. If you are heading to a coffeehouse, using a power socket there might be possible. It could be helpful to take an extension lead to ensure you can keep using your device while charging.
    • Consider a portable power station if necessary. The last recommendation is best suited for camping and in situations when you plan to spend a few days in conditions without electricity. If you only plan to spend the day outside, you won’t need it.

    Make Sure You Are Comfortable

    Comfort should be a top priority, especially if you plan on working outdoors during the entire spring and summer. Your initial consideration is to maintain an optimal posture as much as possible. If you are in a coffeehouse, there’ll be a table and a chair. But if you are in a park and sit on the ground, we suggest grabbing a blanket to increase comfort.

    A mobile laptop stand could be a wise idea. Pick a lightweight option for transport purposes, but make sure to have enough room to accommodate all your items. That includes the portable monitor for laptop, coffee cups, and any other essentials you take. And don’t forget to stretch every hour or so. That’ll help the circulation and prevent back pain and overall discomfort.

    Final Thoughts – Trial and Error Leads to a True Outdoor Work Oasis

    If you’ve never worked outdoors before, it’s vital to understand you might not get everything right the first time. Perhaps you went out early in the morning and found the perfect spot. However, several hours later, children crawled the location and rendered it unworkable. You can consider picking another area for tomorrow or simply moving to a coffeehouse in the afternoon hours.

    Once you spend a day or two working outside, you’ll understand what conditions suit you best. The important thing is to have everything covered from the tech perspective. That means ensuring your battery lasts long enough, and you have a portable monitor for laptop to create a dual-screen setup for better productivity. If you cover the basics, getting the details right will only be a matter of moment. And that’s when you’ll know that you truly created an outdoor work oasis to make the most out of that spring sun!

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