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    What Is An Aura

    What Is An Aura

    In more recent years, the word “aura” has been thrown around a lot more than it has been in the past.

    Many people are going through spiritual awakenings that are leading to increased interest and curiosity in auras, spiritual health, and what more there is beyond our physical body parts.

    So what actually is an aura?

    An aura, by definition, is an electromagnetic field that surrounds the physical body. This electromagnetic field is given off by living things and is scientifically proven to exist. Those who believe in auras believe that the field or aura has a direct correlation to our emotions, personality traits, spirituality, and, basically, our entire life. Essentially, it is your life force.

    The idea of auras is huge in many philosophies and practices from across the world. In theory, your aura can be read, and from examining it, an aura reader or online psychic reader can tell you all sorts about your energy and your life. You can then use this for healing, finding emotional peace, realizing your vision, developing self-love, and, some believe, even helping to improve your overall health. Aura readers are special in that they can see auras without the assistance of a special camera in a process called Kirlian photography. They can see auras and often develop careers helping others to practice and to see their aura and understand their auric field.

    But even if you cannot feel an aura, most people’s energy is something that you can sense. The majority of people can feel auras, even when they are completely unaware of it. It’s how we judge a person’s vibe or the atmosphere that they give off. We use our intuition to pick up their feelings, whether they’re giving off positive vibes or negative ones.

    These feelings (auras) are also contagious. Hence why you feel happy if you surround yourself with positive energy, but if you’re surrounded by negative energy, you’re likely to feel low. The best people to be around are those with healing energy and happy energy. Nobody wants to feel drained and negative!

    What do auras look like?

    Auras are colorful fields that surround the human body. They look like you would imagine an energy field to look at, and come in different layers and different colors, often with a white background. Different aura colors mean different things about somebody’s emotions, their life’s path, and who they are as a person. Likewise, where the aura color sits on the body, and how it aligns with their chakras can impact what it means. An aura reader will be able to determine this during an aura reading or live chat reading and will explain a person’s aura and vital force to them, explaining everything to do with the seven layers and chakras, which aura layers line up with your third eye, which are more in line with your crown chakra, and what that means in combination with everything they can see. There are seven auric layers (just like there are seven chakras) that work as an energy system and they are:

    • The physical body
    • The emotional body
    • The mental body
    • The astral body
    • Etheric template
    • Casual body
    • True self

    Typically, each aura color seen within aura photography or aura readings means something different. Even different shades of color can mean completely different things. Darker shades tend to suggest negative energy, perhaps caused by hardship or a bad mood, whereas brighter shades of the same aura color can suggest something completely different.

    What your aura color means can be hard to determine if you’re trying to figure out your own aura, but with the help of someone who knows more about the auric layers, and energy fields and is a bit more experienced in aura reading, it can be incredibly eye-opening. What you see in your aura can tell you a lot about your emotional body!

    What do the different colors of aura mean?

    The colors of auras have different meanings when in combination with where they sit and how bright or dark they are, but typically speaking, the colors mean the following:

    • Red aura: confident, strong, aggressive, passionate, and goal-oriented.
    • Pink aura: romantic, gentle, wishes for love, peace, and harmony, inherently diplomatic, calm, and kind.
    • Magenta aura: independent, creative, a trendsetter.
    • Orange aura: healthy, happy, full of energy, optimistic, sociable, and incredibly bubbly.
    • Yellow aura: optimistic, intelligent, free, and talkative
    • Green aura: at home in nature, big on self-love, compassionate, caring, and open.
    • Blue aura: caring, sensitive, empathetic, creative, and expressive.
    • Indigo aura: super creative and innovative, introverted, calm.
    • Violet aura: spiritual, wise, and artistic.
    • Brown aura: grounded and career-driven, calm and patient.

    Do you have to get an aura reading to see your own aura?

    You do not have to go and see an aura reader or someone with psychic reading abilities in order to see your aura. In theory, you can learn to see it. It takes a lot of practice and you may not be able to see all of the aura colors on your first few attempts, but it is possible to open yourself up and see it. Some people may call this process “opening your third eye”. You may find it easier to see your own than someone else’s, as it takes a lot of concentration, but it is certainly doable. If you want to be able to effectively read other people’s energy, you will have to train for much longer. It will take a few tries to see your own aura, but it will take much longer and much more focus to see the auras of other people. Seeing auras of anyone takes a lot of spiritual focus, intuition, and time. It is not an easy task.

    Alternatively, you can get your auric field photographed and try to determine the meaning yourself. The internet is a great resource and there is plenty of information online that will help you to figure out what a blue aura by your solar plexus means in your energy field, and whether it connects to the light red aura by your heart chakra. Slowly, you will learn to sense and figure out the meaning of your own aura and will be able to use it to guide your emotions and your life.

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    What Is An Aura

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