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    Who Are Preppers and Why Are So Many People Joining The Movement

    Who Are Preppers and Why Are So Many People Joining The Movement

    The latest developments on the global scene led to a different way of looking at prepping and preppers.

    In fact, the great bulk of people heard of this movement for the very first time just several months ago – while we were rushing to Walmart like crazy to grab what was left, there were people who were sitting in the comfort of their homes because they had enough supplies for at least six months.

    Since then, the interest in the prepper community and their approach to the idea of life has been growing rapidly, with more and more people looking to find out if this concept offers something for them. As incredible as it may seem, many suddenly discover a whole new world woven from absolutely simple at first glance things, they just didn’t pay attention to earlier.

    Well, it is common knowledge that all brilliant ideas are very simple at the core.

    Without further ado, let’s just dot the t’s and cross the I’s to finally figure out who are preppers and why are so many people joining that diverse crowd.

    So, Who Are Preppers?

    Try to ask this question to hundreds of different people and all chances are you will get a hundred of different answers – not because nobody really has an idea of who preppers are or what they are doing, but simply because this movement is based on a very broad concept. Perhaps one of the best definitions of prepping is given at when it is said that “everything that preppers do could be considered a hobby by someone else, but preppers do it as a way to prepare themselves to be as ready as possible should a worst-case event occur”. Confused? Do not be – keep reading instead as the detailed explanation is to follow!

    Simply put, prepping is about ultimate self-reliance. It is safe to say that an average prepper is an individual who takes certain measures in advance to ensure his/her well-being, as well as well-being of their family and loved ones during hard times. Here comes the most important moment – not all preppers are the same or follow the same rules.

    What’s more, some can exercise a holistic approach covering a wide range of spheres while others are focused on a specific area. For instance, some preppers only store food and water supplies while others do not want to settle for less than a complete readiness for every kind of a war: they specialize in various self-defense practices (both armed and unarmed), stockpiling everything from water to powerful generators, at the same time, constantly upgrading their bug out plan.

    What Prepping Can Offer You?

    Gone are these days when preppers were seen by many people as “overly paranoid”, the latest pandemic turned the world upside down and clearly showed that if you just can’t live for today. If anything, prepping can teach you how to properly build supplies so you have enough food, water, and other essentials to face any emergency.

    As already mentioned, prerring is a very diverse and broad concept, therefore you have a rich choice of options at your disposal. Here are some of the most widespread types of preppers, you can choose just one or try to combine all of them.

    • Emergency disaster – perhaps, one of the most common nowadays types of preppers. They are focused on stockpiling of a wide range of products, from food and water to generators, household supplies, and all other goods they consider worth keeping.
    • Cybersecurity – many people have big concerns about their safety on the internet, and for a good reason, hence it looks pretty natural that more and more users take precautions against online attackers, identity thieves, and cyber intruders. That’s what cybersecurity preppers do.
    • Green Technology – if you are crazy about solar panels, windmills, and a heck of a lot of other elements of sustainable living, then you already fits this category of preppers.
    • Economic/Finance – we guess you have heard about people that are constantly preparing for a job loss, which is especially actual these days. They accumulate certain funds and look for ways to facilitate financial stability even during economic crises, among other things by taking advantage of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

    Being a prepper means being wise, caring for the well-being of your family, and not taking the future for granted. People do not have magical powers to know what tomorrow holds but they can prepare for what is coming. As you have probably already guessed, this is the main reason why so many people opt for jining preppers.

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