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    Lauren Labeled Creates Top Ads for Tik Tok, Facebook & Instagram

    Lauren Labeled Creates Top Ads for Tik Tok, Facebook & Instagram

    In a world where consumers are trained to spot digital ads, Lauren Labeled brings an authentic approach to digital marketing.

    Lauren Mabra and Lauren Ferry are marketing consultants and the founders of Lauren Labeled, where they focus on driving eCommerce growth for brands with TikTok-style ads.

    They are 25-year-old digital marketers who specialize in TikTok marketing, short-form video marketing, and creative content strategies, with a passion for creating unignorable content. They study changes in consumer behavior and preferences in relation to advertising and marketing and then translate that research into how to create content that captures attention and converts it into action.

    TikTok has taken content creation by storm and e-commerce brands have reported that there are huge gaps when it comes to getting their hands on content. Lauren Labeled’s female-led team has a comprehensive understanding of TikTok trends, aesthetics, and what the audience cares most about. They provide expertise when it comes to marketing and copywriting, and they have a shorter turnaround time than apps like Billo and Fiverr.

    In today’s world, traditional influencer campaigns are expensive, hard to track, and not as effective as user-generated content (UGC). Lauren Labeled creates UGC which refers to any content created by people, rather than by brands. This strategy is most efficient because it builds trust and showcases the benefits of products in a real-life everyday setting.

    Research has shown that 92 percent of consumers are more likely to trust someone they don’t know than branded content. Marketing trends are also showing that the younger generations desire more authenticity and are gravitating towards relatable creative content as opposed to ads created by Instagram influencers.

    Lauren Mabra shares,

    “It’s time to rethink content and ads in an era where everyone is trained to spot an ad within a second. No heavy branding, no models or influencers. Your product. Real people who look like your dream customers using it in real life settings. Why? Because it works.”

    Lauren Labeled is Gen Z and women-led. They exist to create unignorable, TikTok-style ad campaigns featuring real people. Lauren Labeled helps keep the content wheel turning for e-commerce and DTC brands looking to scale up and crush social media ad performance.

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