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    Dolce & Gabbana Unveils Its Newest Ambassadors

    Dolce & Gabbana Unveils Its Newest Ambassadors

    Dolce & Gabbana Ambassadors Create a Contemporary Connection

    While the brand has always been synonymous with celebrities, including its start with iconic singer Madonna and actress Monica Bellucci, its longtime Italian muse, the company elevated its star-studded connection by naming its first global ambassador in 2021, Lady Kitty Spencer. As ambassadors, Mun Ka-Young and Doyoung will help Dolce & Gabanna showcase its classic upcoming collection to a more global audience, further bringing Italian artistry to the rest of the world while making a complimentary connection with modern talent who share a passion for fashion.

    Mun Ka-Young a Bold, Vibrant Ambassador

    A talented actress since she was a child, Mun Ka-Young has built an impressive acting career. Her role in “True Beauty,” a drama made in South Korea that gained a strong global following, catapulted her to fame. Along with being a true beauty and mesmerizing actress on the screen, she also brings a bright, youthful energy to every appearance she makes.

    Her unique, sophisticated and slightly edgy style brings to life the latest trends and inspires others to take bold steps with their fashion. Her innate sense of fashion and natural ability to highlight the right ensemble can make all the difference quickly caught the eye of Dolce & Gabanna. Mun Kay-Young captures the essence of the brand’s latest women’s line, which has 60s clean lines infused with refined contemporary styling.

    Doyoung Brings Youth, Creative Inspiration

    The global phenomenon of K-pop brought Doyoung directly into the limelight. His debut with the band NCT propelled him to fame. The talented singer has released his own solo efforts, as well as has appeared on television shows. While dedicated to his artistry and unafraid to inspire with his own creative fashion ideas, he also complements Dolce & Gabbana as a humanitarian. Doyoung donated $50 million to a youth organization and has made other hefty donations, including his time.

    Doyoung’s refined charm naturally blends with D&B’s latest menswear collection. Featuring unique color palettes with whites, earthy tones and deep browns, the collection brings to life the essence of a true gentleman who appreciates luxury and is unafraid to embrace the softer side of fashion.

    Dolce & Gabbana Dedicated to a Global Connection

    While the brand proudly boasts its Italian heritage and craftsmanship, it also knows the importance of connecting the world. Through diversity efforts, exhibitions in different countries that highlight different cultures and sustainability efforts, the newest ambassadors seamlessly blend with what the brand stands for while providing a youthful spirit that opens the door to the next generation to create and embrace the artistry of fashion.

    To get an idea of how the newest ambassadors are an ideal match for, Dolce & Gabbana check out the brand’s upcoming spring and summer campaign.

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