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    How To Be Comfortable And Look Fantastic: Fashion Trends In 2021

    How To Be Comfortable And Look Fantastic: Fashion Trends In 2021

    As Coco Chanel once said, “Fashion has two purposes: comfort and love. Beauty comes when fashion succeeds.”

    Fashion is one thing that we know is always going to be part of every society and culture. For the major part of 2020 and 2021, we have been confined to the limits of our homes because of Covid-19. The pandemic did not only affect our lifestyles, but it also affected the way we dressed. Comfort clothing found a major spot in fashion trends.

    As malls were shut down due to the Covid-19 pandemic, more people acknowledged the importance of online stores. In addition to this, people started looking for ways to restore and reuse their old clothes. The start of 2021 saw great new styles and costume designs.

    In this article, you’ll discover the top fashion trends that are comfortable and also look fantastic.

    Wider Cuts and Loose Fittings

    The era of skinny-fit styles seems to be fading into the background as the latest fashion trends in 2021 display loose and wide-cut styles that include oversized sweaters and loose pants. As people grow accustomed to staying more at home, loose and relaxed clothing styles are dominating the trends. Don’t be surprised if you find retailers promoting flowing dresses and boxy blouses more than skin-tight clothes this year.

    Balloon Sleeves

    Most people are now looking for functionality along with fashionability. Bold balloon sleeves, or statement sleeves, provide both fashion and function. Big-shouldered sleeves will likely regain their popularity soon. You might even see the comeback of the oversized ruffles that were once popular in the 1980s. Moreover, bell sleeves may also have their moment in 2021.

    Face Masks

    Face masks are a necessary part of our lives today. As expected from the clothing brands, face masks have been made a fashion accessory, with styles and colors for every occasion. The variety of patterns and prints available on the market are improving every day, and the trend is predicted to grow in 2021. Masks are even made with gold chains and studded with diamonds for the wealthy.

    Shackets (Shirt and Jacket)

    A combination of shirt and jacket, “shackets” are thicker than normal shirts but lighter than jackets. Shackets are predicted to gain popularity in 2021 as must-have clothing pieces. A shacket is great layering apparel as you can wear it under your coat on cold days to add extra warmth. On the other hand, you can wear it over your sweater or top on warm days.

    Kurta Pajama

    One of the most comfortable pieces of clothing, the kurta pajamas, is set to gain popularity this year. They are extremely fashionable and comfortable. According to the fashion designers at Nihal Fashions, Indian clothes are among the most loved and in-demand attires worldwide. Elegant stylists and designers are blending different fabrics and crafts to create new styles every season. Having a pair of stylish kurta pajamas is a must in 2021.


    In 2020, we saw a rise in joggers and sweatpants trends. Since we spent most of our time indoors, sweatpants sets were the best clothing option. Be it grocery shopping or a walk in the park, athleisure clothing works wonderfully for all. It is predicted that joggers and sweatpants sets will continue to trend in 2021. It is possible that athleisure will gain even more popularity by the end of this year.

    Maxi Dresses

    Transitional fashion apparel, maxi dresses offer relaxation along with looking super sexy. Although they cover your legs, maxi dresses can be incredibly flattering. They are perfect for casual meetings as well as formal gatherings. In addition to being comfortable, the relaxed silhouette will make you look chic and classy. Maxi dresses are set to take the streets by storm in 2021.


    The pandemic forced the malls and shopping centers to close. It led people to find creative ways to reuse their clothes. Upcycling existing clothes created new styles, and the trend of reinventing existing wardrobes is predicted to continue through 2021. In addition to this, the trend of upcycling is anticipated to expand much more widely in the fashion world.

    The Covid-19 pandemic confined us to our homes. People now prefer to wear relaxed clothes that are fashionable in other settings, too, and this is why the fashion trends in 2021 are inclined towards comfort as much as innovation in styles. The trends and apparel that are predicted to continue in 2021 include wide and loose cuts, balloon and bell sleeves, fashionable face masks, shackets, kurta pajamas, oversized silhouettes, athleisure clothing, maxi dresses, and upcycling. While most of these fashion trends serve comfort, they are extremely fashionable and functional. 

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