Introducing Lemonbug: Jewelry That Gives Back To Animal Rescue Organizations

    Sadly not all dogs have a place to call home yet, which is why Lemonbug chooses to give $1 of each purchase to animal rescue organizations.

    Named after the founder’s rescue dog Louie AKA Lou Lou Lemonbug, Gerly Noland knew she wanted to create a brand that would also make a difference.

    And animal lovers, get excited. Lemonbug has a jewelry line just for you. They have bracelets and necklaces that you can customize with your dogs’ names. These high-quality handmade pieces are cut, hand stamped, assembled and polished.

    Each piece is truly made with love and a lick. So go on and post your dog on Instagram but then make sure to share your cute new piece of jewelry too! #lovemylemonbug

    Lemonbug jewelry goes through a handmade process through love and care: cut + each individual character stamped + assembled + polished. The company is passionate about making a difference and gives back to many different organizations. Each purchase gives $1 back to animal rescue charities.

    Hand stamped and customized with names of loved ones, pet’s name, quotes or messages giving you a meaningful piece that can be worn daily.

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      Introducing Lemonbug…

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