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    Dream Chasing: Are You Willing To Make The Necessary Sacrifices?

    Dream Chasing: Are You Willing To Make The Necessary Sacrifices?

    Everyone knows that in order to get to where you want to go, you’re going to have to make certain sacrifices.

    For some people, making those sacrifices don’t come as easy as it comes for others but that’s where the saying “keep your eyes on the prize” comes into play.

    Sacrifices are going to be hard because ultimately, you’re something up like or enjoy for something you really want and it takes willpower out of this world to do it… but nonetheless, it’s still very doable. Just look at a lot of famous athletes and celebrities.

    When asked what it took for them to reach the celebrity status they have today, you will always hear them say that it took a lot of sacrifices or that their parents made a lot of sacrifices… that just goes to show you that nothing in life comes easy… you have to work hard and make sacrifices to get there.

    You may not exactly be looking to achieve celebrity status but you might be looking to make it to a certain level in your career. In order to achieve the level of success you want in your career, you’re going to have to unlock your passion and start making the necessary sacrifices… if not, you’ll forever regret your missed opportunity.

    Again, no one ever said that chasing your dreams was going to be “easy-peasy” or “easy like Sunday morning” but in knowing that, you have to ask yourself if you’re willing to make those necessary sacrifices to achieve the level of success you so long for? If you’re ready and willing to make the sacrifice, take a look at some of the sacrifices you need to brace yourself for.

    Are You Willing to Make These 3 Sacrifices?

    Sacrifice 1: Materialistic Joys

    When it comes to chasing your dreams, there is a monetary aspect to it, which means that in some ways, you’re going to have to give up certain luxuries to achieve the level of success you want. Going out to eat, going shopping just because, or getting a massage are things you’ll more than likely need to cut back on in your spending.

    Some materialist joys we have are strictly to stroke our ego and flash our status… Some of those materialistic things don’t even add any real value to our lives half the time. That’s why you have to get rid of those costly joys.

    Maybe you’re someone who loves iPhone and it brings you joy to say “Yea, I have the new iPhone XYZ…” Well, if you know anything about iPhones, then you know they have a newer version of an older version every two weeks (seems like). On top of that, the phones are expensive and you are that person who’s totally willing to pay a little over a thousand dollars for the newest iPhone.

    Well, with you being on the journey of chasing your dreams, you have to think smart and realize that although you can buy a new phone, you shouldn’t. So what’s the best option instead of a new phone? A premium pre-owned one. You and millions of other people tend to forget about the beauty of used items. A premium-pre-owned phone has all the functions and capabilities of a beloved new phone but at a much lower rate

    Sacrifice 2: Social Life

    In chasing your dreams, that’s not saying that you can’t have a social life at all! Having a social life is very important to your overall health. According to, having a thriving social life is a key indicator of lowered stress levels, happiness, and even quality sleep. So sacrificing your social life doesn’t mean being trapped at work or in front o a computer all the time.

    What sacrificing your social life does mean is that in order to chase your dreams, you’re going to have to turn down invitations to a few weddings or baby showers. You just might have to skip a girls’ night out every now and then or not be as available as you used to be.

    The people that this sacrifice affects the most are your loved ones. Materialistic joys are sacrifices you make that resonate with your ego and self-confidence but your sacrificing your social life resonates with your heart and emotions.

    It might be painful but those close to you see what you’re trying to do and are more understanding and supportive of you for having the strength to do it.

    Sacrifice 3: Energy

    Sacrificing your energy is a pretty tough one. While chasing your dreams, that might mean a few late nights in the office or waking up a few hours before your alarm goes off in order to get things done.

    Sacrificing your energy isn’t something you necessarily intend to do when chasing your goals… you want to have all the energy you can to put towards your goals but the real question is whether or not you’re willing to sacrifice it?

    You, of course, don’t want to have sleepless nights or extremely early mornings… but are you willing to sacrifice your sleep for your dreams? You love food and would eat seven meals a day if you could but in sacrificing your energy, would you be willing to stay on a phone call during your lunch break to close a deal? Not saying that chasing your dreams means that you’re always going to have sleepless nights or miss meals… that’s unhealthy but every now and again, sacrificing a meal or sleep might be what’s required of you… the question is are you willing to do it?

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