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    Ishmael Mayhew Inspires Everyone To Dream Big and Do Bigger

    Based in Los Angeles, CA, Ishmael Mayhew (Ish) is one of the newest young minds in the field of professional digital media, fashion and branding.

    All imagery by Mike Fox.

    Styling by Shermannique Johnson.

    He’s spent the last 8 years educating others on the importance of digital applications, social influence and impacting younger generations with knowledge on entrepreneurship, culture and realizing their dreams.

    Discover Ish Mayhew

    Ish has used his expertise to advise and complete projects for professional athletes, TV personalities, music professionals, and brands. His hope is to continue to impact people globally with design, technology, and information to inspire others and improve intra-societal relations and standards.

    Constantly looking for new ways to use fashion design & digital media, Ish sees his platform as a way to cultivate & impact communities.

    Ish Joined Us At The Studio For An Exclusive Interview + Photoshoot!

    Read about his focus in the community, favorite inspirations, and ideas for a new + better world.

    How old is Ishmael Mayhew?
    29 years old.

    Where are you from originally?
    Tallahassee, Florida.

    What made you want to come to LA?
    I wanted to launch my career more specifically in digital media & fashion so I moved where entertainment and beauty thrived together.

    The Fox Magazine is all about inspiration, who inspires you the most?
    This is so hard to answer. So many people inspire me. I’d say the main person who does this is Diddy. He showcases the duality of wanting the best and being grateful at the same time.

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    Biggest millennial inspiration?
    I’m really inspired by my friends. It’s so easy to see a millennial celeb and get caught up in their success but there are so many people I do life with who are just as dope and forces to be reckoned with.

    What’s your digital background?
    I started out teaching myself how to develop websites. I’ve always had a knack for communicating well online & branding & digital design. I had been doing fashion design since I was a kid so marrying it to digital media seemed like the next best step. I eventually studied Media Communications & freelanced for a long time before launching my company and working for others.

    If you could change one thing in the world right now, what would it be?
    Damn. This is hard. I think I would make it impossible to hate. Hate is the parent of everything else bad like jealousy, anger, disdain. If hate wasn’t possible I think it would make love that much easier.

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