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    MistoBox x Ballotpedia: Rhi Cook & Kayla Harris

    MistoBox x Ballotpedia: Rhi Cook & Kayla Harris

    MistoBox has teamed up with Ballotpedia, a nonpartisan online encyclopedia of American politics and elections to create the Ballotpedia Coffee Club.

    The MistoBox and Ballotpedia partnership delivers freshly roasted specialty coffee from the country’s best roasters to subscribers’ doors, along with important political information to your inbox. 

    This episode interviews with Rhiannon Cook, Head of Growth at MistoBox as well as Kayla Harris, Senior Communications Associate at Ballotpedia Coffee Club.

    It’s an election year and it’s more important than ever to be informed, but MistoBox understands that there is an overwhelming amount of information, opinions, and data to absorb and it’s delivered from countless sources. Just as no two coffee drinkers are alike, political views vary, so it is important to present our subscribers with unbiased information that people feel empowered by.

    Ballotpedia provides objective information about local, state, and federal politics and policies. Its content includes trustworthy information, covering government officials and the offices they hold, political issues and public policy, elections, and candidates.

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    MistoBox x Ballotped…

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