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    New Third World

    New Third World

    Rashid Arain devoted his life to the struggle for the place of artists of the 3rd world in the history of world art, the fight against racism.

    The artist created an “open” art for everyone, demonstrating the presence of symmetry in life and work. With the help of geometry, the author conducts a dialogue with a viewer of any rank and status, emphasizing equality between people.

    Design is art and geometry in art, not just a style, but the most effective representation of faith in a new society. The society is progressive and intellectual.

    I want to believe that with my “idea” I will push society to philosophically rethink modern fashion, I believe that I will be able to “start a dialogue” far beyond the usual space of forms and colors, and the world of art in general.

    I believe in a new society that is ready and wants to build a “new third world”, starting with ourselves.

    I believe in a new “new third world” society, where integrity and equality will be at the core; desire to hear, understand, rethink.

    A world where decision making will be meaningful and independent, without the influence of any social norms and pressures.

    Fashion Designer: Tamara Shuklina | IG: @tamara.shuklina

    Photographer: Margo Igel | IG: @m.argofoto


    Nezabvenna | IG: @nezabvenna

    chatskaya_ |  IG: @chatskaya_

    Makeup Artist: Farruhhhamraeva | IG: @farruhhhamraeva

    Brand: TOMMYDI | IG:

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    New Third World

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