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    Unlimited Creativity With Aaron Ricketts

    Aaron Ricketts is a versatile Philadelphia-based photographer, working in different fields of the medium.

    Aaron Ricketts is a versatile Philadelphia-based photographer, working in different fields of the medium.

    His aim is to create images that captivate the mind.

    We spoke with Aaron about his journey, favorite inspirations, and goals within the creative realm.

    What brought you into photography?
    I was first introduced to the medium my second year of high school and I was blown away by what I could do in Photoshop.

    Which camera do you use?
    My main camera body is a Nikon D750 and my backup is a D7000. I’m looking to get a new one soon, that’ll be another Nikon or Sony.

    How would you describe your photography style?
    I would best describe it as modern and a little futuristic.

    What time of day do you prefer to shoot, night or day?
    I definitely prefer shooting during the day, my images can sometimes include a lot of movement so a ton of light helps with setting up my numbers, especially my ISO. The lower the better.

    The Fox Magazine is all about inspiration, what/who inspires you the most?
    Anime and movies are my biggest inspirations. Also, I’ve recently been drawing inspiration from René Magritte, the surrealist painter.

    What subject or person have you yet to photograph that you have always wanted to photograph?
    My default is Kanye West, it may be far down the line but I know I’ll get to photograph him one day.

    How does social media impact the quality of work for a photographer?
    I believe that social media shouldn’t impact the quality of someone’s work; quality has to happen before you even put it on any platform. This isn’t to say that some platforms don’t water down the quality of how it is displayed but I think they’ve all gotten pretty good in that area.

    What power does photography have to effect change?
    Photography has more power than we may think, especially in the way someone uses the medium. It can invoke emotions, good and bad, it can inspire, and it can also create false realities. It pushes almost every aspect of our lives because it can be implanted in almost anything.

    How much artistic freedom do you like having when given a project?
    I love to get a clients input because I want to create images that fit their needs but I like having a lot of freedom. If someone is coming to me for images, they are coming to me for a reason and I want to be able to put my touch on the end product.

    Is there something you are looking to achieve when you photograph something?
    I want my photos to be captivating, I try to make every image I make dynamic.

    What are some photography secrets that you can share with our readers?
    Shoot in RAW! It gives you the most info when you’re doing post-processing.

    If you had to choose one lens which one would it be and why?
    Any 24-70mm, it’s the perfect range for the type of things I shoot.

    What are you trying to translate in your work to those who see your photographs?
    When it comes to my work I think I’m trying to show that I don’t believe in limits. Between my subject matter and the ideas I come up with I think I can do just about anything.

    What is your opinion on selfies?
    If you’re going to take a picture of yourself make it look good, self-timer is your friend! When it comes to a lot of my creative images I shoot myself so self-timer becomes essential.

    What’s your best advice for aspiring photographers?
    Create every day and create for yourself! Believe in your work and it’ll speak back to you.

    What photography or art related motto, quote or words to live by helps keep you inspired?
    I don’t know if this is a motto but right now I’m living by, “I Can, I Will, I Must”.

    I can create, I will create, I must create. I tell myself this to be reminded that I am in control of everything I do artistically and if I have an idea all I need to do is act on it.

    Follow his journey!

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