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    All You Need To Know About Australian Lamb

    All You Need To Know About Australian Lamb

    The unique climate and open spaces of Australia make it an ideal place to raise lamb.

    Since animals are allowed to live in their natural condition, they are happy lambs that result in better lamb meat than anywhere else. Being an island country, Australia is kept protected from epidemics. Healthy lambs reared in Australia make better results for everyone.

    Here, you will come to know a few essential things about Australian lamb.

    Enhanced Flavour and Health

    Since lambs are fed grass in Australia, they contain less fat, and their flavor is more natural than other meat products. They are reared in their pure and natural environment, they are allowed to roam freely on vast grasslands, and they are treated humanely. Happy lambs are healthy lambs that deliver health benefits to all.

    High Omega-3 Content

    Grass-fed lamb reared in Australia are low in fat and have a rich resource of Omega-3 fatty acids. Apart from having 25% more omega-3 acids than other lambs, they also have 49% more alpha-linolenic acids, which are the building blocks of omega-3s.

    Good for Heart

    Consuming grass-fed lamb can deliver significant benefits to your cardiovascular health. High omega-3 fatty acids in it decrease inflammation and heart disease risk. The conjugated linoleic acid found in grass-fed lamb is associated with reduced body fat and inflammation. It contains oleic acid, a monounsaturated fat that decreases the risk of heart disease. High selenium and zinc content in this lamb keeps your heart protected from oxidative stress.

    Different Australian Lamb Cuts

    Before you buy lamb, you need to know its different cuts:

    1. Shoulder: Hard but full of flavour
    2. Chop/Rack: Delicious and tender, but expensive
    3. Loin Chop: T-bone steaks taken from the lamb’s waist
    4. Rump: Taken from the lamb’s back, it is tender, lean, and full of flavour
    5. Leg: Hard but strong flavour
    6. Shank: Simple and cheap taken from the lower part of rear legs
    7. Neck: Connected with the shoulder, it is a cheap, readily available cut

    Different Cooking Methods

    Different methods are used for cooking different lamb cuts. They are as follows:

    • Shoulder- Since it is hard and takes time to become tender, it is more appropriate for slow-roasting and stewing.
    • Chop/Rack- Tender pieces taken from ribs are French trimmed, and then roasted.
    • Loin Chop- These chops have lamb loin on one side and fillet on the other. They are perfect for grilling and barbecuing.
    • Rump- Being so tender, it should not be over-cooked, else it can dry out. Grilling and pan-frying are the best methods to cook this cut.
    • Leg- Having lean muscle, it also needs to be kept from over-cooking. It is best cooked when roasted whole on the bone, or when boned and barbecued.
    • Shank- As it contains lots of collagen, it needs to be simmered to achieve a soft and melting texture. It’s perfect for stewing and slow-cooking.
    • Neck- This cut is best cooked when done slowly over low heat.

    How to Buy

    • Let the supplier know your preferred age and gender of lamb.
    • Tell them which cut, fat depth, and trimming degree you want.
    • Clearly define whether you want the lamb with bones and muscles or not.
    • Tell them whether you want a frozen or chilled product.

    The useful information mentioned in this guide will help make the best choice for meat. Since Australian lamb is grass-fed and reared in its natural conditions, is a healthy lamb that provides high-quality products.

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