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    What Makes a Great Professional Bartender

    What Makes a Great Professional Bartender

    Bartenders are an integral part of any restaurant, whether it’s a small pub, upscale restaurant, or a chain.

    They’re responsible for delivering a great experience to every patron and making them want to return.

    Your bartenders must have several important qualities to ensure success in their role. These qualities are crucial to the success of a bar as they will attract more customers and keep them returning for more. In addition, these qualities will make them stand out among the crowd.

    Always learning new skills

    Alcohol certification in Colorado is training that teaches bartenders and servers how to serve alcohol safely. It also helps them learn about the different types of drinks they can make and the best foods to pair with them. In a nutshell, alcohol certification is a document you receive after completing either a state-certified program or a program that a government agency regulates.

    This training is available to employees in establishments that sell and serve alcoholic beverages, including bars, restaurants, hotels, taverns, nightclubs, and concessions. It covers various topics, such as liability, state laws, and local ordinances.


    It may seem counterintuitive, but patience is a vital skill that helps you cope with the rigors of a stressful job. In addition, it can improve relationships with coworkers, enhance decision-making, and lower stress levels. A bartender must deal with customers who may be irritable or angry, so remaining calm and patient when this happens is important for your restaurant’s success.

    Researchers have found that people with higher levels of patients were more likely to make progress toward their goals compared with those who weren’t patient. They were also more satisfied with their achievements.


    A great bartender has an ultra-sharp memory that keeps track of multiple drink orders and helps them get customers served quickly. They also know how to make a lot of popular drinks from scratch and can learn new ones on the fly.

    Accuracy is an important quality in the workplace because it can help businesses understand the number of hours employees spend working and if they are spending their time effectively. As a result, having accurate tracking systems can improve employee efficiency and save a company money in the long run.

    Situational awareness

    Situational awareness is one of the most crucial aspects of being a professional bartender. This means knowing your surroundings, understanding what they mean, and making predictions of what they will mean so you can act accordingly.

    The problem is that this ability can be difficult to master. This is especially true when people are distracted and busy, such as in a bar.

    Losing situational awareness can lead to accidents and even death. This is why it’s so important to practice it regularly.


    Organization in the workplace is an essential skill to have, particularly when working in a busy bar. You’ll need to keep track of multiple orders, keep track of cash flow, and ensure that your bar is stocked with the right ingredients for various drinks.

    Being organized also helps you work efficiently and get more done in less time. For example, having all your inventory in one place will eliminate waste and ensure that you have enough ice cubes or garnishes at the last minute.

    Customer Service

    Another important quality of a great bartender is customer service. They have to make their customers feel welcome and comfortable in the bar, whether it’s their first time or having a rough night.

    They also have to be able to diffuse any customer disputes promptly and professionally before they escalate into serious issues.

    A great bartender is always willing to help others with their orders and will go above and beyond for their customers. They know that when their customers have a good experience, they will return and recommend your business to their friends.


    A great bartender knows how to work with others to provide the best service possible. They’ll also have great people skills, which is essential for making a great first impression on customers and keeping them returning. Teamwork is an important quality to have in the workplace, as it allows for a greater level of creativity and efficiency. It also helps to keep employees happy and motivated.

    Working well in a team is one of the most desirable qualities employers look for in candidates. Teamwork is ranked second to critical thinking and problem-solving in the NACE Job Outlook 2022 list of competencies for employers.


    Bartenders greet customers, serve cocktails and other beverages, check IDs, and ensure bar inventory is well stocked. They also clean tables and work areas.

    The job requires patience and good communication skills to handle high-volume shifts. But ultimately, it’s about providing exceptional customer service and creating relationships that will keep customers returning for more.

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