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    Each American State’s Favorite Coffee Drink

    Each American State’s Favorite Coffee Drink

    Coffeeness has recently conducted an in-depth analysis of Google search data to uncover the most popular coffee drinks in the U.S. and worldwide for 2024.

    Discover some key findings below.

    • Espresso is the top choice in 28 US states, followed by latte, leading in 14 states. Cappuccino takes third place as the favorite drink in 11 states.
    • Louisiana stands alone in its affection for café au lait, a French-inspired blend of black coffee and steamed milk without froth. Meanwhile, Georgia’s coffee aficionados prefer pure and bold brew, opting for black coffee devoid of cream or sugar.
    • The latte emerges as the preferred coffee choice in Ohio, with both Columbus and Toledo showing a penchant for its smooth and creamy texture. Meanwhile, Cleveland opts for a unique twist with affogato, blending rich espresso with a scoop of decadent ice cream. In Cincinnati, residents favor the bold flavors of americano, enjoying its robust espresso kick.
    • Denver’s preference for cortado highlights its adventurous coffee culture, reflecting its commitment to innovative coffee creations.
    • Hawaii’s love for affogato, a blend of hot espresso and cold ice cream, defies its tropical climate. It adds a refreshing twist to coffee enjoyment.
    • In Texas, while cappuccino is the state’s favorite, Austin stands out with its preference for espresso, indicating a unique coffee culture possibly influenced by local trends or cultural factors.

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