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    Healthy Eating Basics: Choosing The Right Foods In The Right Proportions

    Healthy Eating Basics: Choosing The Right Foods In The Right Proportions

    Many people find it difficult to maintain the ideal weight for their body type.

    Various factors contribute to this challenge but a common one is increased portion size, particularly when it comes to food that you love. Sometimes, the food that you have used to love is not even good for your body.

    This article concentrates on choosing the right foods in the right proportions not only to foster an ideal weight but your overall health and well-being as well.

    Healthy Eating Food Pyramid

    One of the primary things that you need to know when it comes to healthy eating is the type of foods that you need to consume the most up to the ones that you need to consume less. To have a good idea of these types of food, take the time to research. Fortunately, almost any information you may need is already available and accessible over the internet. When you explore online sources, you may come across the Rawbeautysource website that is a blog providing health and nutrition articles from seasoned health professionals. This is where you can acquire a good insight on how to choose the right foods for you. Nonetheless, a summary of the right foods in the right proportions is listed below.

    • Eat Most: Grains

    Toddlers can have anywhere from one to three bowls of grains while children should consume anywhere from three to four bowls of grains a day. Teenagers can have as many as six bowls while adults can consume as much as eight. For the elderly, three to five bowls of grains will prove to be sufficient.

    • Eat More: Vegetables and Fruits

    When it comes to vegetables and fruits, toddlers should have at least a serving in each meal while children under 12 should have at least two servings of vegetables and fruits a day. On the other hand, teenagers, adults, and the elderly should have at least three servings of vegetables a day. However, only a couple of fruit servings will prove to be sufficient for all age groups.

    • Eat Moderately: Meat, Fish, Eggs, and Milk

    In the food pyramid, the meat, fish, eggs, and milk should come on top of the fruits and vegetables. Ideally, you should have a couple of servings of milk in a day regardless of your age group. When it comes to meat, fish, and eggs, toddlers should only have a couple of servings while children under twelve can have up to five. Teenagers can have six taels in a day while adults and the elderly can have up to eight.

    • Eat Less: Fat and Oil as well as Salt and Sugar

    Regardless of your age group, you should eat foods rich in fat and oil, as well as those high in salt and sugar the least.

    When it comes to healthy eating basics, make sure that you always drink an adequate amount of liquid which includes not only water but tea and clear soup to name a few. You also have to remember the types of food that you need to eat the most, what you need to eat more and moderately, as well as what you need to eat less. All these are geared towards ensuring that what you put inside your body is sufficient for what your body needs.

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