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    How Cereal Can Improve Your Diet

    How Cereal Can Improve Your Diet

    Cereal has long been a staple of breakfasts around the world.

    Cereal comes in many different forms, from healthy to unhealthy, and is loved universally.

    Cereal can also, you may be shocked to find out, improve your diet, help you to lose weight, and completely change your life. Many people underestimate the benefits of cereal, simply assuming that they are all unhealthy and high in sugar. There are many beneficial nutrients that you can get from eating cereal, such as fiber, and vitamins and minerals.

    This article will tell you how cereal can easily improve your diet, and how you can actually start a diet called ‘the cereal diet’.

    If you love cereal, so much in fact that it’s all you want to eat, then keep reading, because you’re about to find out about how cereal can easily improve your diet, change your life, and help you to lose weight. Here it is…

    The Cereal Diet

    As mentioned in the introduction, there exists a diet called ‘the Cereal Diet’. The Cereal Diet is very popular and has become quite large over the last few years. The diet does not, unfortunately for cereal lovers, replace every single meal with cereal, but rather, replaces only two meals a day with cereal and milk.

    On this diet, your dinner, and the snacks you eat should be small, low in calories, and be full of lean protein, as well as fruits, whole grains, and vegetables. Eating a diet purely composed of cereal is not a good idea, as it can be low in calories and can cause fatigue.


    Everybody who knows anything about weight loss will know that carbohydrates can really contribute to you putting on the pounds. Cereal is usually high in carbohydrates, but that is often only the grocery store, sugar-filled, diabetes-causing cereals that are marketed to children. Cereal, when purchased carefully and effectively, can significantly reduce your carbohydrate intake.

    Many people around the world have started low-carb diets, and it is, at the moment at least, very popular. Organic, low-carb cereal can be one of many brilliant low carb breakfast options. Before completely removing, or reducing, carbohydrates from your diet, you could consult a dietician or your local general practitioner; for some, it may not be safe or recommended to completely cut out carbohydrates and big dietary decisions like that should always get a second opinion. In moderation, carbohydrates can be very healthy.

    Cereal Weight Loss

    Cereal can be a brilliant way to lose weight. The problem with diets like the Cereal Diet is that the weight loss is not sustainable, as significantly decreasing your calorie intake can make it more difficult and less likely that you will lose weight and maintain in the long run; however, that is not to say that cereal cannot help you lose weight when eaten in combination with a healthy diet. Cereal, because of the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients contained within, is a very healthy addition to your diet, and one you should consider incorporating.

    Additional Benefits

    Choosing to eat whole grain, low-carb cereals is a fantastic way to improve your diet and increase your whole-grain and fiber intake. Having a higher fiber and whole-grain intake is associated with better health outcomes and a decreased risk of infection, heart disease, and illness. Review studies with over a million participants have shown that twenty-eight grams of whole grains consumed daily were associated with a nine percent decrease in risk of death from every potential cause (illnesses of course, and not acts of nature), and a fourteen percent reduction in the risk of death from a heart attack. The fiber in cereal improves your digestion and reduces the risk of you falling ill with conditions such as IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), and Crohn’s Disease.

    Healthier Living

    With everything that has been mentioned on this page, it is clear to see that incorporating cereal into your diet can seriously improve your health and quality of life. Living a healthier quality of life will mean you are more likely to live well into old age and reduce your risk of disease, illness, and infection. Healthier living does not just mean eating cereal, however, and rather, you should eat a healthy diet all-around that is rich with fruit, vegetables, minerals, and nutrients. A healthy diet in combination with a healthy lifestyle (exercise, etc.), is a way to guarantee that you do not fall victim to illness and disease, and a way to ensure you stay fit well into old age.

    Now, with the help of this page, you should know exactly how to get started on a healthy diet and incorporate cereal into it. Cereal is, clearly, very good for you in moderation, and should definitely be included in your diet plan.

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