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    How To Change Your Eating Habits To Stay Healthy

    How To Change Your Eating Habits To Stay Healthy

    It is no secret that the world is facing a global health epidemic.

    Most people, especially those who are in third world countries are either overweight or obese.

    This can lead to severe health concerns such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, and many more. However, some people have a misconception of being healthy and considered changing the way they eat not knowing that the solution to the problem lies in learning how to change eating habits properly.

    Human beings consume high-calorie and highly processed foods all the time and the worst part is that these foods are addictive, convenient for the consumer to purchase and inexpensive.

    If you are struggling with health issues you are not alone, you are with hundreds of millions of people facing the same problem.

    Here are some ways on how to change your eating habits properly and for the better.

    Keep it Simple

    People assume that changing their eating habits is fast as putting your clothes on or a total makeover but that is so overwhelming that you want to quit the minute you started. Instead, make one little change per day. Go easy on yourself. You can start by skipping the dessert or add extra veggies to your meal. It’ll be more manageable but still creates an impact in the long run.

    Pack and Plan your Lunch

    Bringing your lunch at work is an easy way to monitor what you are eating. If you don’t have time to cook every day, you can make a week’s worth of lunches during your rest day. You can make a salad dressing or a spread full of veggies, fruit, and a few pieces of cheese to keep it flavorful. But if you do have to buy lunch, plan ahead of time. Before heading out to eat, look for healthy fast food restaurants that offer healthy food options so you can stick to a healthier choice and fulfill to have a healthy living. You can also invite your colleague to do the same to motivate you as well.

    Drink Water

    Make it a habit that every time you wake up the first thing you’ll do is to drink a glass of water before you do your morning routine. The water will help you start your metabolism and get everything inside your body to work. It can also help you have a regular bowel movement. Before you go to sleep, place a glass of water on your side table, the next morning, drink it.

    Mindful Snacking

    There is nothing wrong with eating snacks from time to time as long as what you are consuming has nutritious benefits to your body and does not add hundreds of calories to your intake. Instead of junk foods or candy bars for snacks, try having nuts. The fiber and protein it brings will fill you up. Plus, it will make you think sharper. You can also bring fruits like apple and make it as your snack, it has pectin, a type of fiber that when in contact with your stomach, it will make you feel full.

    More Calories

    Too much calorie intake can become unhealthy, but fewer calories can be harmful to you. When you hunger yourself for food, your metabolism slows, causing your body to eat away at muscle and depend on fat, which can lead to weight gain. Occasionally track your calorie intake for you to see if you are making healthy eating choices. Some smartwatches can track calorie intake as well as your phone’s health app.

    Healthy Food Swaps

    Compromising for lighter, healthier options doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice the taste of your food. Instead of butter on your bread, try spreading hummus on your bread. It’s lower in fat, rich in protein, and appetizing. Instead of plain oatmeal, add a slice of banana or apple to add sweetness and boost your body with protein and vitamins.

    To live a healthy lifestyle, you need to make some changes to your eating habit. Remember that it is a process and changing your habits takes time and small changes are easier to make and can lead you to a better phase.


    • Venkat
      June 11, 2020

      Thanks for this informative article. I have a quest to change my diet pattern and to switch to healthy alternatives. It is a great amount of detail on healthy food alternatives. I realised during this pandemic that health and immunity are more important than anything else. Fitness also plays an important role in boosting our immunity.

    • Supriya Kutty
      July 4, 2020

      Thank you so much for this amazing blog that you have shared with us, indeed these habits will surely help me develop a better body and stay healthy and fit, Will surely share this with my friends and family as well for their reference.

    • jay
      November 23, 2020

      Thanks for this informative article.
      Thanks for sharing.

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