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    5 Musicians Who Released Fiery Albums In March

    5 Musicians Who Released Fiery Albums In March

    The year has just begun, yet an abundance of fresh music has already surfaced to listeners’ ears.

    March of 2023 was far from a disappointment in terms of new music from artists across the globe. Across the ocean of genres, this past month was promising for listeners of all kinds. From Billboard artists The Weeknd and Miley Cyrus, to up-and-coming virtuosos Hunxho and gnash, fans can expect a tidal wave of invigorating tracks.

    With billions of artists all over the world creating hits, every month presents a new opportunity for revolutionary art to be created. Constantly grinding in the studio, artists never fail to showcase the latest sounds of each generation. With this month coming to a close, we decided to highlight a few spectacular artists who released electrifying albums so far.

    Here are 5 artists who dropped albums in March 2023:

    1. JPEGMAFIA and Danny Brown- SCARING THE HOES

    After teasing the project for well over a year, two wicked pioneers of the alternative rap underground, JPEGMAFIA and Danny Brown today come together for a mammoth collaboration for their joint album SCARING THE HOES.  Executive produced and mastered by JPEGMAFIA with a feature track from artist Redveil, Peggy and Danny Brown come together as an unprecedented joining of forces as thrilling as it makes straight-up sense.

    Throughout the two bridge their synonymous styles with the cracking wav-form approach of SOPHIE and Aphex Twin to the fiery spirit of trailblazers Dipset and a mutual affection for internet culture: nostalgic for Limewire, Reddit wormholes, and super-fans of Fortnite streamers.

    2. Glorilla- Anyways, Life’s Great… Bonus Edition 

    Grammy-nominated rapper, Glorilla released the bonus edition for her latest album Anyways, Life’s Great. In November of 2022, she released nine tracks on the initial album. Now, in 2023, Glorilla is back, adding four bonus songs, each with hard-hitting flows and bass-banging beats.

    Her Memphis roots are apparent on the album, bound between her lyrics, beats, and tone of each track. The new album offers glimpses of the superstar she might become, featuring a wide array of talented artists such as Cardi B, Lil Durk, and Trina. The track Tomorrow 2 garnered substantial buzz from fans, amassing over 84 million streams on Spotify.

    3. Masego- Masego

    Ascending from the roots of Jamaica, musician, and singer Masego is widely known for incorporating classic sounds of jazz within his songs.  His self-titled album Masego emits echoes of his classic sound, with paired soulful vocals that caress listener’s ears.

    The entire 14 track album has zero features, explicitly displaying Masego’s multi-faceted aura. What You Wanna Try proved itself popular, already amassing over two million streams on Spotify, despite being released less than 30 days ago. Black Anime came in second, in terms of popularity among fans, gaining over one million streams on Spotify. The captivating music video for Two Sides (I’m So Gemini) released a few days before the album itself, featuring a dinner followed by Masego teaching a group of women how to play saxophone.

    4. 03 Greedo- Halfway There

    Los Angeles native and rapper 03 Greedo has been climbing the charts since his claim to fame in 2016. His latest album Halfway There is his first release since being release from prison, after serving five years behind bars. Quickly hopping back in the game, the rapper released a hefty 33 track LP, featuring a variety of artists, beats, and bars.

    Features from a variety of artists surfaced on the lengthy album, including Rich The Kid, Ty Dolla $ign, and Babyface Ray. His most popular song from the album Bacc Like I Never Left perfectly hints at what’s in store for fans now than 03 Greedo is free to make music.

    5. Yung Mal- Iceburg Where You Been

    25-year-old Louisiana rapper Yung Mal has been making his way through the industry since 2010. Much like 03 Greedo, Iceburg Where You Been is the rapper’s first album release since serving several months in prison. Promptly after leaving prison, Yung Mal dropped self-explanatory Right Back Out, speaking on his freedom.

    The album only includes one feature with Yung Maris on the track Touchdown. Garnering over 200,000 streams on Spotify, the track Gah Damn evoked several positive conversations from listeners, becoming the most streamed song on the album. Now that Yung Mal is fully back in the game, fans should look out for future hit tracks.

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