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    Bizzy Crook Discusses His Live Performances And First Experience At Broccoli City Fest

    Bizzy Crook Discusses His Live Performances And First Experience At Broccoli City Fest

    Born as Lazaro Camejo, this Miami native is more than just a rapper; he’s a musical entrepreneur.

    With a knack for spinning gripping narratives and cultivating unparalleled businesses, Bizzy Crook has been crafting his own path in the hip-hop world.

    Although weaving together thought-provoking heat, what truly sets Bizzy apart from the crowd is his unapologetic independence. In an industry known for its labels and contracts, he’s charted his own course, steering his artistic ship. In order to propel himself to unprecedented heights, Bizzy designed business models to keep his solo boat afloat. Within the past year, he has fostered his latest business, Floor 13, which seeks to help independent artists achieve their music dreams. As he continues to evolve and collaborate with industry stars, Bizzy remains a beacon for aspiring artists, proving that authenticity and raw talent can still reign supreme in the world of hip-hop.

    Now, after galvanizing festivals across the US, he is preparing for his intimate Good Luck, My Love tour with rappers Andre DeSaint, Hellz Own, and OneWaytb.  Previously appearing at a few established U.S. festivals, Bizzy further extends the list with his 2023 Broccoli City Fest and Rolling Loud Miami performances. Before rattling Broccoli City Fest’s stage on Sunday, July 16, 2023, we spoke to Bizzy about his rise to music, new business, and up-and-coming releases.

    Read our full interview below with Bizzy Crook at Broccoli City Fest 2023!

    How are you doing today? 

    I’m amazing. I’m happy to be here. It’s my first time at Broccoli City Fest so it’s happy to be here just soaking up all the DC energy.

    Is there anyone in particular you’re hoping to meet, see, or collaborate with here?

    Yeah, I’m excited to check out my guy LaRussell.  You know, much respect to him. He’s real big on the independent thing. Brett Faiyaz, Kodak Black, you know, that’s Florida all day. There’s a lot of dope acts on here.

    How did you find your stage name “Bizzy Crook”? 

    So growing up, I was into things I shouldn’t have been into. I grew up around older Brooklyn guys. So I was into like credit card scams and all that and I was always getting busy, crooked. And even when I changed my ways, I aint gon lie, for a couple of years, I’ve been like, “I gotta change my name” because I feel like I don’t represent that no more. But over recently, I feel like I take wisdom. I take wisdom from people up here and I’m bring it to people down here. So I feel like I’m still Bizzy Cook, just differently, in a different way.

    I see that you’re performing at Rolling Loud Miami, can you tell me a little bit about that? What are you hoping to showcase? 

    Yeah, I’m extremely excited. Again, that’s my first Rolling Loud, especially being from Miami where Rolling Loud kind of began. I’ve just always been waiting like, man, when’s it gonna be my time to get on there? And, you know, it was time so I’m just excited to touch that stage and share my story and represent man. 

    As someone who has been in the music game for a long time, in 2015 you performed in Made In America and now you’re performing here, next weekend you’re performing at Rolling Loud Miami, how do you feel you’ve grown and changed as an artist over time?

    Man, I felt like, for a long time, I knew this was my dream right, but I didn’t know why I was doing this, you know? A lot of artists get jaded. I feel like I spent the first half of my journey kind of chasing validation, chasing a record deal. And I was able to create other businesses to fund my music. Which is why I didn’t need record labels and I feel like now I know why I’m here. I feel like I’m here for a message. I’m here to inspire people to never give up on their dreams and show people you don’t need a record deal, you don’t need a record label. The universe, it works in your favor depending on how bad you want something.

    You’re known for your intricate lyrics and emotional storytelling which really captivates listeners. How do you find the words to write your songs? 

    If I feel like I have something to say, something to get off my chest, something that I’m holding and it’s making me feel heavy, through music I release it. Or if I hear about an issue that happened to somebody, and I feel like I want to offer my take on it, I’ll make a song about it. Inspiration, energy, feelings, relationships, just whatever I’m going through.

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