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    Chinese DJ, Global Artist & Producer Chace Releases Debut Album: Belated Suffocation

    Chinese DJ, Global Artist & Producer Chace Releases Debut Album: Belated Suffocation

    After four years of polishing, the all-around producer Chace’s first personal album the thought-provoking and psychedelic “Belated Suffocation” is out now via Astralwerks/Fabled Records.

    “Belated Suffocation” chronicles his creation and thoughts under this present time. It contains diversified electronic music styles with a complete conceptual framework and shows the multi-dimensional color of Chace. Filled with hypnotic production, bouncy beats, and magnetic vocals, Chace proves he’s in it for the long haul. It contains recent singles Mariya and “In My Head.” From the lyrics, music creation, and vocals, to the production behind the scenes, Chace does it all.

    “46 Step” is the first prelude of the album. It lays the keynote for the whole album with mystery, announces the return of Chace, and opens the album with his unique personality.

    “Cinematic” is one of the main tracks of the album. In his creation, Chace constantly surpasses himself, breaks through his original strength, plays the role of MV director for the first time, and participates in the production behind the scenes. The track explores the transition between virtuality and reality. The narrative texture of the film creates his own chace-house style.

    “Mariya” is the centerpiece and heart and soul of his debut album. In the process of creation, Chace continues to surpass and challenge himself. “Mariya” continues the mysterious tone of the album’s previous singles and focuses on the track’s mood and psychedelic atmosphere. Chace still arranges the music, writes the lyrics, sings, and produces everything himself.

    Chace, Zhu Yihan, China’s hottest talented music producer, received global attention early on and became the first Chinese DJ to take the stage at the iconic Belgian electronic music festival, Tomorrowland. He is currently the guest music director of the new music program at the world’s leading hotel brand, W Hotel. Since releasing his debut EP Destination, Chace’s music — a delirious mix of evocative house, UK garage, and pop — has earned him praise from tastemakers across the world.

    Following years of industry experience as a producer, DJ, and band member, Chase established the HOWSHOOD label in 2019, and the MontiArk label last year, both of which are at the center of domestic electronic music. In the summer of 2020, Chace formed the Mandarin rock band with two friends, and with the band’s original album and members opened their first national tour with the theme of “Echo.” In 2021, Chase was named DJ MAG CHINA AWARDS Producer of the Year.

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