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    Dominique Simone Returns With Captivating New Single: Angel

    Dominique Simone Returns With Captivating New Single: Angel

    The gorgeous new track from London-based R&B-soul singer-songwriter Dominique Simone, ‘Angel’ – is out now.

    Dominique Simone is back with her spiritually aligned single ‘Angel’, released on one of the most famous angel numbers: 11/11.

    Following the success of her previous single ‘Sweater’ which was praised by Music News, Conversations About Her, Neon Music, and more, ‘Angel’ was recorded in 2018 while Dominique was working on really honing her skills in the studio, continuously tweaking the track to create a song that is in line with her sound as well as who she is today.

    Speaking about the track Dominique says,

    “This track was one of the first songs I ever wrote! I believe I was around 8 years old. I took inspiration from the things around me: this was church and Adele. I had always found myself drawn to music and found myself sitting at our piano at home trying to create melodies by ear.

    The song is an unrequited love song with biblical imagery, perfectly stemming from my inspiration! Obviously, as the years have gone on I have done a lot of changes to the song; maturing the lyrics and making it into a song people will enjoy!

    It is such a joy to know this song is coming out to the public, younger Dominique would have been so proud.”

    Dominique Simone’s soulful vocals and velvety tone are what set her apart as one to watch in 2021. Citing Jorja Smith, Lianne La Havas, and Kiana Ledé as her biggest influences, Dominique commands her own distinctive sound, effortlessly blending elements of neo-soul, R&B, and alt-pop. Dominique Simone is a confident performer with a strong work ethic. As a young girl, she was always drawn to music, teaching herself the piano and writing songs from as young as eight years old!

    She began performing professionally at sixteen, gigging around her local area including Granvilles Brasserie & Music Bar, local festivals, online live shows, and a couple of live appearances on Stafford FM. She has had a couple of write-ups in local papers too! She also began to seriously work on her original songs with the recording studio Inspire Music.

    “She is able to create her own universe with an extensive range of writing and performing abilities” – Conversations About Her

    Her debut Single ‘Serenity’ was released on 6th June to a brilliant reception. ‘Serenity’ is a wonderful Neo-Soul/R&B acoustic track with idiosyncratic melodies and lyrics. The meaning of this debut song was to be a reflection of existence and the attempt to find solace in solitude. She was played on BBC Introducing and received glowing endorsements from listeners speaking of a personal connection to the song and its meaningful lyrics.

    “Soulful, languid vocals and harmonies” – Neon Music

    Whilst the buzz continues to grow, people are excited to see what comes next and Dominique Simone is growing a loyal fanbase. Not only is her music unique and addictive, but her whole brand is creative and distinctive.

    Stay up to date with Dominique Simone by following socials for news about upcoming releases & more.


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