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    Hannah Grae Releases New Single: I Never Say No

    Hannah Grae Releases New Single: I Never Say No

    Songwriter and teenage rebel Hannah Grae has released her third single, ‘I Never Say No’ via Elektra Entertainment.

    The cathartic new track, written by Hannah and Rob Brinkmann, who also produced the song, is fueled with a combination of angst and an infectious guitar riff. ‘I Never Say No’ sees Hannah Grae express her honest and unfiltered feelings with her impressive, powerful vocals.

    Twenty-year-old Hannah began captivating online audiences with her rewrites of popular songs and covers, resulting in over 152k subscribers to her YouTube channel. Merging nostalgic elements of No Doubt, Alanis Morrisette, and The Bangles and modern storytelling lyrics inspired by the likes of Phoebe Bridgers, Paramore, and Taylor Swift – Hannah’s self-taught musical education seats her firmly in the lineage of cross-genre women making musical waves.

    Speaking on the track, Hannah says: “I never used to like writing songs about myself. I loved stepping into the shoes of other people and wondering how they might feel instead. When I wrote ‘I Never Say No’, I really wanted it to feel like a journal entry of mine.

    For the first time, I had an urge to truly explore how I was feeling and not sugar-coat it with profound metaphors or fancy words. To be honest, I just wanted to complain. The whole song is a big fat 3 and a half minutes of me being an unapologetic brat, and I love it.

    It felt really necessary for me and my process after leaving school and to get closure from the damage it did to me. I listen to it now and I’m proud of how honest and simple I could be. It really feels like I’m looking back on an old diary entry, and I already feel like I have grown since then.”

    This summer, Hannah Grae will be performing at festivals across Europe with more live shows to be announced. For Hannah Grae tour dates, visit

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