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    Hoosh Seeks What The Man Who Has Everything Is Missing On New Single: 12 Weeks

    Hoosh Seeks What The Man Who Has Everything Is Missing On New Single: 12 Weeks

    The rising singer-songwriter grieves the warmth of bygone seasons over the poignant production of the new single.

    With his empathetic pen, intensely expressive timbre, and versatile knack for genre-bending earworms, Hoosh is quickly gaining momentum. Blending an austere acoustic instrumental, courtesy of producer HARRY WAS HERE, with his yearning melodies, Hoosh shares “12 Weeks,” his new single.

    Floating over bittersweet guitar riffs and saturated percussion, Hoosh approaches the track with a striking perspective, underlined by a vulnerable sense of regret that parallels a tree grieving the loss of its leaves as the winter nears. Yet, despite this seasonal similarity, his trouble is more attributable to the lifestyle of a rolling stone than a sturdy oak, as his nomadic past leads him to some difficult conclusions:

    “27, it’s the level that I’m at/I resent it cause I know I could’ve had it/I’m fiending for smoke in a bag/I’m leaving my hopes in the ash.”

    “I was in a dark headspace for a long time,” says Hoosh. “At its worst point something in me switched – Something about the darkness drew me in. Not to say I enjoyed it but more so I accepted it. I saw how that same darkness could bring about changes I’d never imagined.”

    “12 Weeks” arrives on the heels of the Billboard-acclaimed recent single, “Slow Dance,” in an eventful year for the Miami-based artist, who recently celebrated his 28th birthday. He was born in the U.S., but considers Sudan to be his home country–he spent his childhood hopping between the U.S., Sudan, and nations like Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Hoosh first earned attention with his wistful song “Better Days,” which has over 1 million streams to date, precipitating a slow, but steady rise through the Florida scene. His music has earned editorial placements on playlists like Varsity Bars, Chill Hits, and African Heat on Spotify, and curated lists like Mood. and #Arabhop on Apple Music.

    Hoosh is an electric live performer, showing off his chops at three different Rolling Loud festivals in 2022. Earlier this year, he achieved a new milestone when “Santa Monica” earned a sync placement in the Netflix Original film Hello, Goodbye, and Everything in Between.

    With over 10 million streams to date across platforms, and a 50% growth in streams over the past year, Hoosh is ready to break out in a big way. Stay tuned for much more.

    There’s a certain wisdom in Hoosh’s music that reflects the years he spent moving around as a young man. Growing up, the Miami, Florida-based artist with a melodic and shifting approach to hip-hop spent half his time in America and the other half in the Middle East, giving him exposure to a wide range of international sounds and the perspective of someone adept at the art of reinventing themselves. Hoosh has garnered over 9 million streams since releasing his first breakout single “Better Days” in 2018.

    His latest project, everything’s going to be alright, is his most personal to date, showing a maturing artist beginning to interrogate how exactly he got to this point. In the lead single, “Jorja,” Hoosh reconciles with the loneliness of being separated from family while also needing to venture off on his own. You can feel Hoosh wondering what’s really important as he finds more success, yet feels his familial relationships slowly becoming more distant. Hoosh’s best music manages to sound bright and sunny, while at the same time honing in on the existential malaise felt by those still figuring out who they are and where exactly they’re going.

    Hoosh says he’s already achieved his dream of being able to earn a living from making music and hopes to continue expanding his artistry with full-length projects and an emphasis on live performances. He recently appeared at 2022 Rolling Loud events in Miami, Toronto, and New York, where he performed a full set, including “22 SOLACE” with a live band while wearing a bulletproof vest. Hoosh commanded the large stage so effortlessly, that one can easily imagine his name climbing up the billing list in the coming years.

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