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    How Music Can Better Your Everyday Life

    How Music Can Better Your Everyday Life

    Music is one of the finest forms of art that everyone can relate to.

    It doesn’t really come as a surprise to learn that the word “music” derives from “mousike”; a Greek word that literally translates to the “art of the muses”. When it comes to science, playing an instrument or even merely listening to music can significantly affect brainpower and functionality.

    The next time you feel like you need a change in your living space, here’s a pointer to keep in mind: start with instilling music in your living area! By doing so, you’ll get to experience the following benefits of music.

    It Helps You Get into the Mood

    More often than not, the air would be too dry for our comfort without music. Playing background music can add an unparalleled touch to your life, which can significantly enhance your living experience. To make it even better, you can take advantage of your background music to set the mood and establish certain habits. One of the key factors to building healthy habits is to set up environmental cues, and the type of music you play can be the cue you use.

    For instance, you can play upbeat songs and tracks during the family dinner to set an amicable mood, after which a relaxing track can signal sleep time. This works especially well for newborns and toddlers.

    Playing Music Improves Cognitive Function

    Interestingly enough, a certain scientist got so intrigued by musicians that they thought it was empirical to examine their brains. Their interest was soon rewarded with significant findings: a musician’s brain is, indeed, quite different from a non-musicians. As it turns out, learning an instrument activates almost every part of the human brain, building new connections, and improving overall cognitive function. This enhanced performance extends its positive effects to various body systems; the immune system improves, the risk of developing neurological disorders decreases, and the body feels more energized for the long haul.

    Add an Aesthetic Touch to Your Living Space

    Adding an instrument to your living space can be a great way to hit two birds with one stone. You’ll be able to play music to your heart’s content while decorating the space with an aesthetic touch that’s hard to be matched using other items. Imagine surfing through grand pianos and picking the world’s only 3D printed piano, or getting a transparent piano that combines futurism and industrialism. Needless to say, adding a piano to your living space is one of the best ways to add elegance to your house, but it’s not limited to pianos. Any instrument you install will give a unique and artistic vibe that can never be matched otherwise.

    Music Influences Mood and Productivity

    It may sound unfair that only musicians get to reap the cognitive benefits of playing music, but who said that’s the case? The better news is that this effect is not limited to playing an instrument, even listening to music can improve cognitive function! If you’re faced with an arduous task that needs mental focus, you may be able to improve your concentration by playing the right track in the background. The catch is that you have to choose the right track.

    For some people, listening to upbeat music can help them get into work mode and overcome their laziness and/or procrastination. However, that usually doesn’t work for musicians, as they get distracted easily by emotional tracks. For them, playing a neutral track is often more effective, unless complete silence is preferred.

    Music Can Improve Your Workout Performance

    If you find yourself often struggling to maintain your workout routine, how about you use music as an environmental cue to help you build up this healthy habit? When it’s time to workout, play your workout tracks and get yourself hyped up. Not only can music get you into workout mode, but it can even help you push your limits and improve your endurance. Just pick the right tracks, sync your breathing and movements to the beat, and get lost in the music!

    Condition Your Mind with The ISO Principle

    Do you know that music is often used by therapists? Therapists especially love implementing the ISO principle, which helps patients in achieving their desired state. Just like we like to play the tracks that match our mood, the principle works in reverse. As such, you can condition your mind and change your mood, behavior, and even physiological response, by playing the track that conveys the desired mood.

    Learning how to take advantage of music can completely transform your living experience. Most of us are used to listening to music on certain occasions, but what if you incorporated music into every step of your living experience? You’ll get to enjoy various moods, improve cognitive function, decorate your living space, boost your productivity, and even condition your mind.

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