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    Effective Ways To Increase Your Brand’s Visibility

    Effective Ways To Increase Your Brand’s Visibility

    With competition getting fiercer by the day, it is more important than ever to make sure your brand is as visible as possible.

    This isn’t just a matter of throwing money at marketing and advertising, it involves building awareness, growing trust, and gaining a loyal audience.

    Fortunately, with all the resources available there are many options available without needing to break the bank. Some of the best ways to improve your brand awareness levels are through the internet, and some still work very well in traditional settings such as retail outlets.

    When you consider that over 4.5 billion people are using the internet it is easy to assume that everything is about digital marketing now. If you look closer you will also see that out of these people, 3.6 billion of them are using social media platforms of some description. However, improving your brand’s visibility and awareness isn’t all done on the internet, and combining traditional methods with the web can bring good results.

    Labeling and tagging

    Before you start exploring the internet for marketing ideas. You can make some small but effective changes to make your products and your brand stand out. Billions of dollars are spent online each year on e-commerce, but that number pales into (almost) insignificance when compared with traditional retail.

    Assuming your brand manufactures tactile goods such as clothing and fashion, then you can use a very simple but effective way to market yourself in stores. Labeling your items to align with customer needs is a perfect way to get people talking. This clothing brand marketing tactic is an evergreen method that will never get old. You can use marketing phrases and terms at the point of sale to create a sense of exclusivity or scarcity, making your products more desirable.

    When people enter a store they are either there to make a purchase or to browse, generally speaking. Unless a sales assistant pushes a consumer towards a certain area there are few ways a brand can make themselves more visible once their garments are already in the store. One method you can try is to use hangtags or swing tags. When used creatively, hangtags become very effective at drawing a potential customer’s eye towards a product. They can be custom made, colored, shaped, and with the brand’s logo on they can stand out in a retail environment.

    There are different ways to use tags and labels and another is to include important information on them. So, in the case of bedding, a brand would use a custom-made quilting label to show the logo, the name of the quilt, and all the information a shopper might want to know. Hangtags and custom labels work very well at advertising a brand and its values in a retail environment.

    Branded packaging and bags

    One of the most common ways that retailers and other brands advertised themselves in the past was to use branded bags. These were very often plastic carrier bags. Now though, consumers are far more aware of the environment and the harm plastic and other synthetics can do.

    This doesn’t mean that you can’t use this, you just need to be smarter about how you employ this method. Supply eco-friendly reusable bags with your product and you will be getting a low-cost way of advertising your brand repeatedly.

    Influencers and Instagram

    Brands are recognizing how useful influencers can be when it comes to marketing. These people command huge followings sometimes, and the level of trust between the influencer and the audience is something that brands can use.

    Jenn Im is a beauty vlogger and fashion designer and she uses her influence to sell all manner of products including Porte Mobile Banking. The key is that although the items she talks about are often sponsored, they also match her’s and her follower’s values.

    Her millions of followers mean that brands can reach out to an already actively listening audience and boost brand awareness through platforms such as Instagram. When influencers such as Jenn Im talk about a product it can go viral overnight. This has been proven many times with products such as Instant Pot which used these guerilla marketing techniques to great success.

    One of the reasons for this is not just the trust, but the platform lets the influencer explain and show why a product or brand is so good. For instance, if an influencer was recommending a garment they loved, they could explain the difference between knit versus woven fabric while showing the item through a video. They can show the garment being worn, explain the quality, plus the hangtag will be visible with the brand logo to add an extra polished touch.

    This kind of marketing is hard to achieve with a brand alone as the public has been proven to trust influencers more.

    Social media marketing

    Facebook advertising is another effective tool and this can be combined with Instagram when deciding on your marketing strategy. However, you must understand how to use social media to your upmost advantage when trying to improve your brand’s visibility. Running social media accounts is a simple, low-cost, and effective way to connect with your audience and customers.

    Customer service is key to creating trust and loyalty with your brand. Social media allows you or your team to engage with people in real-time. This is a very visible way to improve your public relations and build trust.

    You can also use posts and links to drive your audience towards your sales pages.

    Writing guest posts

    If you have a small business that operates mostly locally, then you can increase awareness of your brand by writing for other websites.

    There are many ways that digital marketing can improve your business and local SEO is one of them. Writing relevant articles about local concerns can lead to you generating backlinks to your website. If you write regularly and produce quality content, then your reputation will grow locally and improve your visibility.

    Your search engine rankings should also improve through these posts as long as you write factually and stick to relevant subjects.

    Print advertising

    For many, print has gone out of fashion but this depends on what industry you are in. When it comes to fashion, glossy magazines and print advertising campaigns are still used heavily. Combining POS, posters, magazine adverts, and hang tags, will increase brand awareness inside and outside of a retail environment. The problem is this is not so simple or cost-effective.


    To make print advertising work you will need to be selective in how you utilize it. If you have a limited number of retail outlets then advertise locally. If you retail from other people’s stores then ask about an advertising tie-in. This is where your posters would have your brand along with the outlet that the consumer can find it in. The hangtags should be part of the print campaign and use the same colors and branding so that when someone walks into a store they can see them across the floor.


    Increasing brand awareness takes time and effort. A combination of old techniques like quality labeling to show the value of your product, with effective hang tags, and good use of social media can bring results in time.

    It is all too easy to believe that everything should be performed on the internet these days but if your business is small then a localized approach might work better. Improve your local brand awareness first then grow. Of course, if you have bigger ambitions, find an influencer who matches your values to show your products to their audience and hopefully boost visibility, and sales.

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