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    How To Safely Move Your Piano Between Houses

    How To Safely Move Your Piano Between Houses

    Although pianos look excellent in the home, they are a nightmare to move.

    Unless you own a modern-day keyboard, you’ll likely find that your piano is incredibly heavy and won’t shift with one pair of hands. We’ll delve deeper into how to safely move a piano in this guide.

    How to move an upright piano on your own

    Getting the piano dimensions

    To begin, get the basic dimensions of your piano. You must be certain that your upright piano’s measurements are correct. This will assist you in executing a successful relocation.

    Proceed with the relocation

    • Remove any obstacles in the way. Make sure the piano can pass through the door frames using tape or a rope. Then remove any objects that are in the way, including carpets.
    • Remove decorations, if any. Unlike grand pianos, upright pianos have a design that’s not difficult to manage.
    • Wrap the piano. Wrap the lid over the keyboard with tape first just in case it falls off. The lid staying put during transport is important. You may either use a plastic wrap or a large cloth to cover the rest of the instrument, as long as it’s big enough to fully cover it. Tape should be used to keep everything in place.
    • Remove the piano from its box and set it on a dolly. To do this, put on your work gloves and grab some assistance from friends. If you’ve never considered how heavy an upright piano is — 132 kg for an upright piano — think about it now.
    • Strap the piano down with dolly straps.
    • Push with the dolly.
    • Use a ramp for the van. The piano should be moved both with and without the aid of a conveyor belt in the van. To pick up the piano, you may use the lifting straps and be extremely cautious when standing behind it; because of the piano’s weight, it could squash you or at the very least cause a minor injury if you’re not cautious enough.
    • Secure the piano in the van. The piano should be positioned against the rear wall of the van with other items in front of it. You may secure it with furniture.

    How to transport an upright piano downstairs

    If the pathway to the van passes over or under a step or flight of steps, things get much worse. This is why many individuals hire an expert man with a van to help.

    If there is only one step, use the weightlifting straps to lift the piano and dolly, then carry them down together. For greater height, the dolly must be removed. To prevent injuring the surface, place cardboard pads on all steps. Everyone should grab the piano with lifting straps and lift and set it down one step at a time.

    How to transport an upright piano upstairs

    When it comes to carrying a piano up a flight of stairs, the amount of lifting is identical, but you’ll find that you get tired out much faster. Remove the dolly and use straps and paper cushions just like with the previous method of loading the piano. Lifting baggage one step at a time, as one would when moving it downstairs.

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