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    James Alphonse’s New Single: We Can Do Better

    James Alphonse’s New Single: We Can Do Better

    James Alphonse has heard the phrase “you deserve better” too many times before in his own relationships and from friends with similar experiences.

    Why not work harder at your relationship instead of giving up?

    Things seem tough sometimes, but that isn’t an excuse to throw in the towel. Alphonse’s new single, ‘We Can Do Better‘, explores our never-ending pursuit of perfection. We literally have an app for everything: clothes, furniture, accessories, work, exercise, and even people.

    We’re constantly trying to do better instead of valuing what we already have.

    We live like contemporary royalty. It’s not the time to ask whether everything is good enough. Instead, it’s time to ask if you’re really enjoying what you do have.

    As you listen, question whether you’re undervaluing the things you already have in life. ‘We Can Do Better‘ helps you to take a second look at everything you do have.

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