Krief Releases New Track: I Am The Pillar Of Darkness In Your Life

    Montreal-based singer, songwriter and producer Krief is back with a new single, I Am The Pillar Of Darkness In Your Life.’ 

    This track is the first song and video from Krief’s forthcoming album, ‘Chemical Trance,’ set to be released on August 14th.

    ‘I Am The Pillar Of Darkness In Your Life’ is about confronting your own demons, and axing down outer obstacles. 

    “Writing this song, I thought about this path I ended up on, in which I gathered the very basics to stay the course and survive,” Krief says. “I was sold a dream, but it wasn’t my dream. I thought about how, in my darkest hours, I found myself surrounded by the exact same type of person.” 

    Musically, the song is quite challenging. The chords shift in odd places, and there are a couple of tempo/timing changes.

    “I made a commitment to keeping the first take on every track in order to preserve a sense of raw emotion that tends to get lost with repetition,” Krief explains.

    Krief likes to think of this song as a mediation tape.

    “It’s a song about introspection, soul searching and axing down demons (inner and outer),” Krief says in a Instagram post. “Something I think we’ve all had to do lately. Music has always been my saviour and my most profound way of connecting, so releasing this first track means the world to me.”

    Along with the song, the artist released a video, directed by Maia Af Davies, with some kind of psychedelic atmosphere.

    ‘I Am The Pillar Of Darkness In Your Life’ is the first song and video of Krief’s forthcoming album, ‘Chemical Trance,’ set to release next month.

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      Krief Releases New T…

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