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    LA-Based Electro-Pop Duo Fabriq Premiere “Outside In” Video

    LA-Based Electro-Pop Duo Fabriq Premiere “Outside In” Video

    Fabriq, a progressive pop duo comprised of LA natives Daniel Dávila and Cooper Bell, released three singles in their first year as collaborators and racked up millions of impressions, 1.3m video views, 500k+ Spotify streams, and 73k+ Soundcloud streams.

    Today, they’re premiering their new video for the single “Outside In,” from their upcoming self-titled EP out April 11th, via BlackBook. They say “the song itself decisively harkens back to the best of ’80s soul-funk-pop, and could almost be mistaken for, say, Earth, Wind & Fire… with a little of that George Michael suaveness thrown in.”

    In addition to their work as a duo, Daniel and Cooper both work as songwriters and musicians in collaboration with other artists and have performed on stage alongside Stevie Wonder, Gladys KnightLittle Big Town, and Hunter Hayes. They opened for Grammy-nominated act, Coastcity, at the Echoplex in 2018. In contrast with other pop artists, Daniel and Cooper are very DIY, from songwriting to co-producing their material.

    Both are multi-instrumentalists, songwriters, and producers. Daniel specializes in vocals, guitar, bass, and Latin percussion, while Cooper specializes in vocals, drums, and keyboards.

    Inspired by the likes of Maroon 5, Bruno Mars, and Jamiroquai along with stylistic contributions of the ’70s and ’80s artists such as Prince and Michael Jackson, “Outside In” is an instant hook and radiates a flirtatious vibe with their high-pitched vocals, funky guitars, and its alternating stop/start pacing.

    Seamlessly blending heartfelt neo-soul, colorful disco, and flaming dance-pop, it’s an addictive track blistering with irresistibly warped bounces. It follows previous videos “Serotonin” and “Get Behind the Feeling,” which function as bookends to the EP’s storyline about love and dating in contemporary times.

    Lyrically, the song tackles the ambivalence of getting into a relationship despite you knowing it’s not right. “Hold me like a dessert ya never meant to eat/ but you can’t ignore a sweet,” they croon. It is a continuation of the narrative that begins with “Serotonin,” which explores the complications of loving an addict and concludes with “Get Behind the Feeling,” which chronicles the end of the affair. The jubilant energy, catchy hooks, sparkling harmonies, and conceptual lyricism on “Outside In” are all Fabriq hallmarks.

    In the playful video for the song, Daniel and Cooper are seen in adjacent spaces with back-to-back monitors in the center. “We wanted to play with the idea of outside in and inside out, and use the TV as a portal into each other’s worlds,” Fabriq explains.

    “This concept is also related to what ‘Fabriq’ means. The TV, in this case, is the Fabriq, or connection, between the audience and the performer. In the beginning, Daniel is clearly the performer, and Cooper is the audience. By the end of the video, the roles are reversed, and Cooper is trapped inside the TV.”
    Fabriq is a progressive pop duo comprised of LA natives Daniel Dávila and Cooper Bell. The duo released three singles in their first year as collaborators that racked up millions of impressions, 1.3m video views, 500k+ Spotify streams, and 73k+ Soundcloud streams. Dávila and Bell are inspired by the likes of Maroon 5, Bruno Mars, and Jamiroquai along with stylistic contributions of the 70s and 80s artists such as Prince and Michael Jackson.
    The two released their latest video for “Get Behind the Feeling” in May 2018 with an exclusive premiere on saying it “evokes the soul-force of Prince and the pop-funk of recent Calvin Harris” while “the lyric is unique to the experiences of the 22-year-olds, as it critiques the limbo between fear of commitment.”

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