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    Marvin Brooks’ First Solo Single: Ghost

    Marvin Brooks’ First Solo Single: Ghost

    Ghanaian-German artist Marvin Brooks has dropped his first solo single of 2021.

    His ambient, ethereal, and hauntingly beautiful track “Ghost” was released in tandem with a special “2WEI Remix”. The remix has already been used by SAD-ist—a popular Minecraft YouTube creator who makes animated and illustrated videos around the viral “Dream SMP” saga made popular by fellow influential video-game streamers and personalities TommyInnit, Tubbo, GeorgeNotFound, Punz, and others.

    SAD-ist boasts over 1.6 Million YouTube subscribers and video streams of over 115 Million times to date.

    With “Ghost” getting invaluable support from 2WEI and SAD-ist, 2021 is already looking bright for Brooks. The self-made R&B artist is hyper-focused on his musical journey. Brooks currently calls both Ghana and Berlin home and holds the special traditions and cultures from the two countries close to his heart. His dual citizenship and hometown pride is a major creative muse in Brooks’ musical output. The natural entertainer and performer have already supported artists like Justin Timberlake and 50 Cent on their European tours.

    With millions of total streams under his name already, Brooks now finds himself comfortably paired with the award-winning German composing duo 2WEI and Los Angeles-based music company Position Music for the next chapter of his fascinating creative odyssey.

    “Ghost” is the first of three solo single releases from Brooks that precede his full-length release in Fall 2021. The minimal and spacey production on “Ghost” provides ample room for Brooks to showcase his captivating vocal range, emotional versatility, and unique sonic textures.

    Fans of 2WEI’s increasingly popular style of epic trailer music will be treated to a beloved cinematic sonic experience with the 2WEI remix of “Ghost” featuring their hallmark hard-hitting percussion, emotive orchestral strings, and booming low-end frequencies that 2WEI has become well-known for around the world.

    2WEI (pronounced “zwei” which means “two” in German) have composed music for the likes of Mercedes Benz, Samsung, League of Legends, Volkswagen, Call of Duty, Adidas, Audi, and more.

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