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    Rhyan Lamarr’s ‘Distance (Remix)’ Shares Perspective On Relationships

    Rhyan Lamarr’s ‘Distance (Remix)’ Shares Perspective On Relationships

    The beautifully shot black and white “Distance” (Remix) music video was directed by Rhyan LaMarr, and it showcases a short musical that profiles a groom-to-be in the week before his wedding.

    The conversation amongst friends takes an interesting twist when a question is raised and everyone shares their perspectives on relationships. The group includes men who are divorced, single, married, and engaged. “Distance” (Remix) was written by Rhyan LaMarr, Datin, Kia Rayford and co-written and produced by Andrew Fridge and Jabari Manu Rayford.

    In 2020, Rhyan LaMarr released his debut album, Rhyan LaMarr’s: aPERFECTmess (Volume1) to rave reviews. aPERFECTmess features appearances by Charlamagne the God, Sway, Jonathan Mcreynolds, Twista, Social Club Misfits, Don Benjamin, Canon, 1K Phew, Destorm Power, Da Brat Shirley Murdock, Ta’Rhonda Jones, and more. aPERFECTmess is a motley crew of unorthodox sounds intertwined with swampy gospel threads, stitched together with R&B and hip-hop fashion.

    “We set out to create a cinematic representation of what unity sounds like through music when we lift our voices for the kingdom. We wanted to do something fresh and current but still resided in the nostalgia of what made music pop in the 90’s and early 2000’s,” mentions Rhyan,

    “We threw the rules out the window and just sat in the lab and made music. No matter if the song was 2 minutes or 7 minutes, we just rode the creations until the wheels fell off,” he adds. “It took me my whole life to make this album, but this album is my whole life. Personally, my life has been a mess, however God, through His perfection has shown so much grace that has enabled me to get through the storm.”

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