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    Mavel D Releases New Song: Na’ de na’

    Mavel D Releases New Song: Na’ de na’

    Dominican Spanish singer songwriter Mavel de la Rosa releases powerful new single ‘Na’ de na’

    Mavel D is also expecting to release two other singles, “Blue Sky” and “Mi Fiesta.”

    “In this Na’ de na’ video I characterize myself as a character, someone I am not, I camouflage my inner and outer beauty with aesthetic additions. I thought it was a great and quite funny idea at the same time of using lips, nails, and false eyelashes that I take off since I realize that I can be myself and do WHATEVER I WANT because after all, I don’t have nothing (NA’ DE NA’). When you have nothing to lose, that incentive expels you from your comfort zone, magic arrives, the desire happens and the image we have of who we are falls to give way to who we really are.”

    This song is related to material goods, from people who came to you with their belief that it is necessary to possess endlessly. They come to you, download their energy, and mark you to feel better than you have nothing that they have more than you. These people try to get feedback from others and see what they can get out of you, they don’t care about your emotional state because they don’t have the ability to empathize. This song is for those people because it is already made clear to them that no matter how much they have, it will never be enough for them, because their only purpose is to live for what others will say.

    Additional two songs are also scheduled for release. “Blue Sky” is expected to be released May 25, 2022. “Mi fiesta” will be released July 25, 2022. Mavel’s passion for writing has taken “a very big inspiration” from Halsey, Camila Cabello, J Balvin, Ed Sheran, and Farina, among others.

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