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    RiTchie (Injury Reserve/By Storm) Announces Debut Solo Album & Playful New Single With Aminé: Dizzy

    RiTchie (Injury Reserve/By Storm) Announces Debut Solo Album & Playful New Single With Aminé: Dizzy

    Celebrating his debut album Triple Digits [112], the now-solo artist RiTchie shares ‘Dizzy’ with a guest feature from fellow non-conformist Aminé.


    ‘Dizzy’ is a sleek stream of consciousness bouncing between RiTchie and Aminé, poking fun at attention-seeking scenesters in music. Sharing the same spirit as his formal debut, ‘RiTchie Valens,’ the single arrives with a self-directed music video from RiTchie’s perspective of said interactions. Laidback, with a finger barely lifted flow—a verbal eye roll—paints a playful extension to characters like Atlanta’s Socks, who can reveal themselves to be the most tone-deaf.

    First alluded to via open letter direct to fans via Instagram, the forthcoming full-length continues RiTchie’s stream of music removed from self-imposed confines and expectations surrounding his legacy through Injury Reserve and By Storm. Continuing the tone of his guest features on Loraine JamesDéjà Vu,’ Ho99o9‘s Stunt Double and Tony Velour‘s TV James a.k.A B3K the expansive album stretches RiTchie’s critically acclaimed technicality to radical new heights.

    Marrying the bombastic chaos of a free-wheeling mixtape with the cult innovation that comes hand in hand with Nathaniel RiTchie’s name, Triple Digits [112] represents an extension of his personality as much as it poses an introduction to a whole new character. RiTchie is as diaristic as Earl Sweatshirt, mischievous like Wiki, and still as deeply intentional as Saba, delivering an immersive experience. Trunk rattling experiments warbling through broken trap beats and autotune spoken word delivered as comfortably as he crafts straight-up crowd pleasers and old school sample flips galore.

    Born from happy-accident catharsis, where Triple Digits [112] lays bare RiTchie’s most overt influences musically and lyrically, his greatest asset remains his malleable voice. In his vocal toolbox, mumble rap has as purposeful a home as Gil Scot Heron-like sermons through to Westside Gunn style drawl, soulfully sung melodies next to hushed whispers and inflections unlike anything from the noise-rapper. As playful as it is an honest soliloquy, Triple Digits [112] is poised to certify the soloist as an incongruous anomaly. The latest compelling example of an artist able to stay true to their crazy-inspired origins as a collective, able to extinguish any doubt of their promise when standing alone.

    Fresh from an interstate move, while Nathaniel RiTchie was still in high school, he found a close-knit circle of like-minded creatives, sharpening his rapper chops in an otherwise deserted hip-hop scene. However, it wasn’t until RiTchie and his two best friends found inspiration from the broader Arizona DIY scene that they would foster the “chaotic punk-rock energy” (Stereogum) of Injury Reserve and strike gold.

    Boldly experimenting amongst themselves would take the misfits, with RiTchie at the helm, on an unprecedented journey that boasts a reputation as makers of change: for Phoenix, of all places, as a space of previously untapped talent-worthy attention, and the genre, as leaders of a cult-following for their alternate, anti-tradition offering. Today RiTchie steps out on his own with another exhilarating realm of possibility at the tip of his pen.

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