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    Sofia Kourtesis Releases New Self-Titled EP

    Sofia Kourtesis Releases New Self-Titled EP

    On this self-titled debut EP, Sofia Kourtesis channels experiences of her transatlantic existence between hometowns Lima and Berlin through a torrent of sound.

    She presents us with a collection of tracks all firmly rooted in contemporary dance floors but with their spirits roaming high above the clouds.

    This world-traveling, MPC-busting, Gold Panda-collaborating maverick’s first appearance on record was with 2018’s “WinWin San”, a sparkly, razor-sharp dance diamond that made out one of the highlights of our first label compilation Studio Barnhus Volym 1.

    A self-described “traveling bedroom producer”, Sofia started the process of writing her solo debut with a journey into the Amazon jungle. Stops were also made in front of a dusty Juno-106 in her Berlin bedroom and at a mysterious Tokyo flea-market. We’re a bit fuzzy on the details but we’re pretty sure this record comes packed with the kind of raw energy and runaway imagination only a really strong debut release could possess.
    The EP was released March 1 on Studio Barnhus and a handful of select US dates to be announced for spring 2019. You can stream/purchase Sofia Kourtesis EP on all platforms here.

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