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    The Lagoons Release New Song: So Did I

    The Lagoons Release New Song: So Did I

    “So Did I” is a love song about the strength of the connection between a mother and a daughter versus the strength of the love of two partners.

    “It’s about the transition of growing up and finding someone to create your own family with – leaving home, finding love, and the evolution of that happening all over again.”

    “Like the rest of our debut album, “So Did I” was entirely written, recorded, performed, and produced by the two of us in our home studio. Midnight Afternoon is an album guided by reflection and introspection created for you to share with those you love.”

    “The world we’re living in currently can make it seem like even when we’re connected and in love, we’re alone but somehow even when we’re alone and we don’t have love, we’re still connected.”

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    The Lagoons Release …

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