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    Violinist Alexandr Kislitsyn Pushes Musical Boundaries

    Violinist Alexandr Kislitsyn Pushes Musical Boundaries

    It’s been said that music is the language of the soul, a powerful concept Alexandr Kislitsyn has taken to heart throughout his career as a professional in the music industry.

    He is a well-rounded, talented violinist who has pushed boundaries through a style that transcends listeners into other worlds across genres. He was recently photographed by New York Times during his performance of the Candlelight: Vivaldi’s Four Seasons.

    With 20 sold-out performances this past April, he continues to reach milestones in his music career, one of which included releasing four tracks in the same week.

    He owes much of his inspiration to Russ, the author of It’s All in Your Head: Get Out of Your Own Way. Alex greatly admires the work of the twenty-seven-year-old rapper and producer, who bootstrapped his way up to Forbes‘ 2019 30 under 30 through his musical success. Much like Russ, Alex shows great promise as an artist who curated a unique style of music that can’t be boxed into a single label.

    Alex continues to challenge himself to push boundaries. He has proven it through mastering new genres, teaching himself music production, winning music awards, and becoming a skilled painter. A man of many talents, Alex even painted his own art cover for the album, For Heaven’s Sake.

    Astor Piazzolla’s Ave Maria has an improvisation Alex wrote in a matter of days, recording and mastering the final track shortly after. The importance of family continues to be a powerful inspiration for Alex. His sister, Anna Kislitsyna (piano) always been an inspiration in his creative endeavors.

    A sibling duo of magnificent talent united to create multiple projects that demonstrate their passion for music. Together with Ovidiu Marinescu (cello), they have released five albums with Parma Recordings as the Trio Casals. Gramophone gave a raving review for their latest album MOTO ETERNO.

    “Truth to tell, though, there are no weak pieces in the program, and all draw sensitive and committed playing from the trio, or its constituent players, as required.” ~ Gramophone 

    TAKE EFFECT says the group has a “spellbinding chemistry and inventive approach to their respective instruments ensures maximum intrigue for the listener.”

    For Heaven’s Sake’s cover art is an abstract painting Alexandr did himself. It took about an hour and a half to create the art piece, and he created it while listening to Astor Piazzolla’s Ave Maria. He previously went to art school.

    Alexandr’s most recent project, The Story Of, is a combination of electronic dance music and acoustic strings instruments such as the violin and the viola. The track harmonizes electronic and acoustic instruments to evoke a journey of emotions from the listener. After finishing the project, Alex said,

    “When I was writing The Story Of, I was thinking about people and their stories, how everything is interconnected, how lives impact each other, and how small decisions make significant changes.”

    Alex has won many international competitions and prestigious music awards. As an artist who lives and breathes music, Alex is continuing to build a bright future for himself through writing, producing, and playing music. He released two more EDM singles in May and will prepare to shoot a music video for “The Story Of”.

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