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    4 Futuristic Toys Your Kids Can Have Today

    4 Futuristic Toys Your Kids Can Have Today

    Technology has enabled companies and sellers to come up with different futuristic toys for kids.

    Some of these toys come with a purpose, including providing science fiction stories.

    Most toys nowadays come fitted with technologies because they are easier to accommodate and test emerging technologies. This idea means that some of the toys we see today are technologies getting tested for future use. So what are these toys? There are thousands of futuristic toys available in the market today.  But if you are still interested in traditional toys you are should read about a ping pong table and ping pong paddles for your child.

    To show you some of these examples, we will discuss the best four. Here is the list.

    1. Cognitoys Dino

    As we head-on with technology, there are toys currently that can talk and interact with kids. Such toys aren’t new, and some have been in existence since the 90s. Now, one of the most interactive, neatest toys ever invented is the Cognitoys Dino.

    This toy resembles a plastic dinosaur and uses artificial intelligence technology from IBM and Elemental Path’s Friendgine, helping the toys learn and adapt to what people say. The gadget also comes with a WI-Fi connection, which enables it to connect to a cloud-based system. It evolves by hearing what the child is saying and then adapts the programming with the child’s ability and age. When everything checks, the toy can call out the child’s name, speaks to them, tells them stories and jokes, answers any question, and gives them games and essays that help them develop their vocabulary and improve their math skills. The fantastic thing about these toys is that they are children-friendly and do not cost much.

    2. Hoverboard

    Most people know Hoverboards, especially if they live in a significant town since they get used for sports and movements. Hoverboards came into limelight in the early 20s, with most people thinking they will be common later. While that’s not the case, its popularity has grown, and they are randomly in use. Hoverboards come in different sizes and shapes, depending on who is using them. We have hoverboards for adults and some of the best hoverboards for kids. Hoverboards are best for kids because of their easy to use the feature.

    An average child Hoverboard moves at least 20 MPH and charges fast with a supercharger. They are the coolest toys you can get for your kids to use in the residential areas or within the house. Before use, you need to train your child first, and your kids must have attained a certain age since they weigh at least 20 to 25 pounds. Another disadvantage is that you need to create a budget since they aren’t cheap. The basic hoverboards are easy to manage, while the advanced ones, which come with Bluetooth connectivity and other features, require some training and might cost a fortune.

    3. Google Tilt Brush

    Does your kid love art, especially when it comes to painting? Well, they can start their 3D painting experience, thanks to the Google Tilt brush technology. What does it do? The toy comes with an app and allows people to paint any object in three dimensions using controllers and a virtual reality headset. The app has several features that might not be available in physical painting, including painting with fire, ice, or starlight. Once the kid is done with the image, such art can get shared through an animated GIF or a full-scale VR experience.

    Besides just being a toy, the Google Tilt brush has other applications that make people change into any field they want to. It can be used by fashion designers to create cloth designs and paint them using the 3D experience on a smartphone. This capability means the toy can get several uses from different family members, including the younger kids, grown ones, and even the parents, to develop something meaningful.

    4. Thymio

    Thymio is one of the futuristic toys which are prevalent in every homestead around the world. The toy got developed by Swiss University students partnering with other individuals around the world. It is one of the fantastic technology toys you can ever see, and most children have had access to it. Thymio uses preloaded programs that instill different behaviors in a child. Users can also customize the toy through a customizable program, which helps train the kid in a comfortable, fun way. It’s referred to as an educational robot, and teachers and students, mostly use it as a learning tool.

    The rapid technological changes have made it possible to create toys that use Artificial intelligence. Other than creating fun, these toys are to help children learn and be innovative. Parents need to be careful when selecting such toys for their kids as some can be harmful.

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