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    Criteria For Software Development Providers

    Criteria For Software Development Providers

    We did our research and selected 8 key criteria which, in our opinion, are the most important when choosing a software development vendor.


    Another important criterion is the area of expertise and accumulated experience, i.e. the scope of professional skills and development experience. As a rule, companies publish information about their certifications. The qualifications of the vendor’s team are also important. Take a look at the technologies that the service provider possesses, look at the already realized projects, and evaluate their achievements in qualitative and quantitative terms.

    Responsiveness in Responses

    A high level of responsiveness in answering questions is highly valued in the IT business world. An IT professional should provide the requested information quickly and notify the customer that their question has been accepted for review and they will receive the required information promptly.

    IT services

    Range of IT services provided by the company. An outsourcing company that provides a full range of IT services will be able to help you realize your project idea in the best way, offer a non-trivial solution, and create a product that can take its rightful place on the market.

    Contracting practices

    Make sure the vendor is competent enough to competently administer contracts.

    As a rule, experienced IT companies publish reviews of completed projects and detailed cases on their website. Take note of whether the company has ever concluded a contract similar to yours, study the technologies and frameworks that have been used in a particular project, evaluate the company’s main partners, and thoroughly review the recommendations of the supplier once again.


    It’s been said that innovation is more likely to happen in smaller companies these days. Such companies are more flexible and adopt new technology faster. They don’t use expensive, outdated software and tend to use modern collaboration tools, business applications, SaaS solutions, mobile platforms, and other advanced technologies and software development techniques. A successful IT company never stops developing new products/services and will continually invest in product development to keep customers interested and loyal.

    Location and Time Zone

    Preferably, the selected IT service provider should be located near your company. This will save you a lot of money and time. Finally, make sure that your provider is in the right time zone and that their business hours match yours. This will improve communication and resolve issues without delay.

    Commercial Flexibility

    Serious outsourced IT companies take a flexible approach to project evaluation and implementation. Typically, fixed prices are offered for documented projects with a clear plan of action and clear deadlines. For projects with an undefined work plan, flexible prices are usually in place.

    Language and cultural compatibility

    So, you want your project delivered according to your plan, for a reasonable price and time. Language barriers and cultural differences can derail all the effort. Pay attention to your vendor’s language skills and cultural compatibility. To facilitate communication and interaction, choose an outsourcing provider with cultural background and education similar to yours.


    • Adam
      August 23, 2022

      It’s appreciated, thanks for sharing your experience. If you really want to get a comprehensive, effective solution, you need to seriously approach the choice of developers. At one time, I found tremendous help here . This made it possible to achieve the efficient functioning of the infrastructure and the efficient implementation of business processes.

    • Denis
      January 18, 2023

      Nice post that gave me some new ideas to search. In fact, I have already started cooperation with the company which will develop several software solutions for my company. Your advice just helped to test them better

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