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    Destiny 2 PvP Newbie Tips

    Destiny 2 PvP Newbie Tips

    Despite the solid return of the project, the developers continue to add new content to the game and return old updates after processing.

    The Banjie have turned their attention to PVP battles and the complexity of the raid system, so that all players find an activity to their liking, depending on their preferences.

    For those who have not played the project for a long time and when they return, they do not understand the essence of all the changes but want to start right away with the main content, it makes sense to think about the destiny 2 recovery service. To go straight to the main quest story of the continents and planets.

    What awaits new players:

    • Redesigned tutorial system
    • PVP activity

    Redesigned tutorial system

    Since the release of a large number of updates, new subclasses and mechanics have been added, many new players might find it difficult to master them and understand the basic canons of the game.

    For this purpose, the training system was redesigned in the game.

    Players are introduced to the basic mechanics of the game, taught to feel their character, shoot correctly and choose a comfortable game class. Get acquainted with the history of the planets and the main events of the Destiny 2 universe.

    There are three main classes to choose from:

    1. Titan – a representative of the order of titans who built the city and swore an oath to protect it. The main prototype of a medieval knight in the theme of the future. Titans are ready to soak up all the main damage while protecting allies, love close combat and their specialty means fighting in the vanguard first when meeting hordes of enemies.
    2. Warlock is a character whose specialization has some magic added. The main feature of the warlock is massive damage and battle at medium distances. Warlock is the prototype of the mage in the shooting game. They are very popular in raids due to their ability to deal damage to multiple targets and broadcast strong debuffing skills.
    3. Hunter – outcasts from the desert and are open prototypes of military special forces on the example of the distant future. They love ranged weapons and melee at the same time. They deal heavy damage with sniper rifles and hit opponents in knife combat. The most popular class in the Destiny 2 universe. According to the game lore, each hunter has a personalized cloak, and if the carrier of the artifact dies, then the brother-in-arms must complete the contract instead of the deceased.

    PVP activity

    All MMOs are focused on the economic component for those who like to make money in a game way and PVP activity, is the pinnacle of the desire of all players. After all, many players spend hours on the best equipment and weapons, all with one goal – to be the strongest warrior on the server.

    PVP activities in Destiny 2 are expressed in-game matches with different goals and objectives, where players are divided into teams and fight opponents.

    Tips for beginners in PVP:

    1. Stick to your team – just like in real combat, the strongest, most cohesive and well-trained groups win. In the game, it is enough to stick together to ensure close fire contact and defeat the enemy with competent combat tactics, even if you still do not understand the mechanics of the game and the abilities of the characters.
    2. Sneak where possible – often starting equipment does not provide a significant advantage in 1v1 firefights, but if you start the fight first and open fire from cover, catching the enemy by surprise, you can emerge victorious even without having an advantage in equipment.
    3. Train yourself to constantly keep the mini-map in sight – this is your main assistant in battle. The map shows allies and enemies. Knowing in advance that the target is approaching, you can more competently prepare for battle and meet the enemy with all weapons, and not spontaneously fly out at him to shoot in all directions with fright.
    4. Use abilities – each character has his own abilities that can bring help to the team. For example, if you are a titan and ambushed your team, put up a shield and let the allies regroup, retreat, and impose a fight on the enemy on a more advantageous part of the map without loss.

    If you are a warlock, then don’t hesitate to place buff or healing fields wherever the combat situation allows, but don’t go on the defensive anywhere except on the map with control of game points. Deaf defense leads to a loss of initiative and, as a result, defeat. The hunter can be given advice – keep your distance and use long-range weapons that will give your team an advantage if you hit enemy targets even on the outskirts of the allied positions.

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