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    Enable New Ways Of Computing On the Edge In 2020

    Enable New Ways Of Computing On the Edge In 2020

    Computers are everywhere, from the humble calculator to supercomputers doing everything from simplifying everyday life to unraveling secrets of the world.

    The evolution of computers has seen them shrunk into credit-card-sized devices and made network boost cloud computing faster and cheaper.

    Naturally, Edge computing revolves between the cloud and single-board computers, supporting next-generation applications from IoT, machine learning to all kinds of decentralized trends. Edge computing has the potential to ease privacy concerns, reduce latency and the reliance on internet access, and provide on-device AI algorithms closer to the data source. Although the open-source hardware community has contributed many edge computing elements, the journey from prototype to industrial-grade solutions is still not an easy one.

    As the IoT Hardware Enabler, Seeed sees countless iterations of similar products that fail to tackle today’s challenges. So, to prepare you for the next stage in Edge computing, Seeed has consolidated 12 years of development and experience into the re_computer system.

    Seeed re_computer is a modular computing system designed for edge applications. Customize your edge solution by choosing an existing popular SBC, and couple it with mission boards, a wide range of I/O modules and put them all together in a compact enclosure. Growing software packages will be available to meet the latest needs and trends, and the hardware customization service is on standby to help you scale your application.

    Key Features:

    • Easy to use for even non-engineers: re_computer ensures compatibility from a wide selection of parts so you can focus on coding rather than hardware.
    • Abundant SBC options: re_computer contains the most popular SBCs available at Seeed such as Raspberry Pi, Nvidia Jetson Nano, Google Coral, Seeed Studio Beagle Bone Green with more to come in 2020.
    • Seeed Ecosystem ready for the latest applications: re_computer has access to the complete Seeed ecosystem, from singular hardware solutions to IoT and AIoT applications. You can always find a solution no matter what computer you are looking to build.
    • Customization service from 1 to ∞: Once you have validated your prototype, Seeed can help you realize the product in the market with Seeed’s design and manufacturing service.

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