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    How Technologies Have Changed Our Lives In The Last 15 Years

    How Technologies Have Changed Our Lives In The Last 15 Years

    There is no doubt that groundbreaking technology is the highlight of the 21st century.

    Most people cannot imagine their lives without their treasured smartphones, smart TVs, laptops, and the internet. We are constantly wondering how people lived in earlier centuries without all these extremely convenient and entertaining technologies.

    Let’s not forget the electric car that has been gaining much popularity over the past decade thanks to global warming mitigation strategies. Environmental abuse has been an issue for so long, and in turn, various activists have been trying to find alternative technological solutions that are kinder to the environment. Consequently, the electric car was invented to reduce emissions from hydrocarbon-fueled cars, with brands like Tesla dominating the market.

    How Technology Has Changed the World

    Most of the drastic changes in our lives today can be attributed to the existence of technological devices such as computers and smartphones, coupled with the global availability of the internet. With these two, we definitely have the world at our fingertips. It allows us to work, stream, shop for literally anything from food to cars, as well as interact quite easily with people on the other end of the world.

    Social Media

    It goes without saying that social media is responsible for most of the massive changes in the world, with platforms like Twitter single-handedly transforming social interaction, business operations, politics, and activism, among other aspects of our lives. Just last year, the Black Lives Matter movement spread across the globe after the murder of George Floyd. Because of the many social media platforms, the matter grew from a US issue to a worldwide movement backed by supporters from all over the world.

    This is undoubtedly the primary way technology has changed the world over the past 15years – through social media. Greedy corporations can no longer hide and bury their mishaps since it now only takes one tweet the expose any violation to the whole planet.


    Yet another important field that has been positively affected by technology in the healthcare sector. Think telemedicine solutions, virtual doctors/psychiatrists, electronic health records, and self-service kiosks. All these great technologies have made it so much easier for the provision of quality care. Wearable tech alone has significantly helped people all over the world keep an eye on their health. We can’t forget phone apps that keep an eye on our health stats, exercise, calories, offer medication alerts and do many other useful things to keep us in tip-top shape.


    Additionally, the ways in which technology has helped businesses are endless – from self-service kiosks to enabling the creation of new products, facilitating faster manufacturing through better machines, to more convenient banking services. The number of employees needed in a single company decades ago cannot nearly compare to today’s staffing ratio. This may be very suitable for employers, but staff cuts lead to higher rates of unemployment since people are replaced by machines.

    However, putting aside the negative, social media has enabled business owners to run their companies virtually and reach out to new markets. Companies dealing in any type of business can advertise their services and products online, as well as to conduct sales and deliveries. Technology has changed every single industry, and the way we enjoy our entertainment is not an exception. Take the case of good luck mate. It’s a site that directs you to the best online casinos for some quick fun without even needing to leave your home!

    What Hasn’t Changed?

    Can you honestly think of anything technology hasn’t changed in our lives? It has changed social interactions, our shopping habits, how businesses operate, how we handle hate crimes and racism, and how detectives go about finding criminals. There is not a single aspect of our lives that has not been touched by technology, either positively or negatively.

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