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    Meet the DNP DS620A™ the Photo Printer of Choice for Chic Booth

    Meet the DNP DS620A™ the Photo Printer of Choice for Chic Booth

    Compact Speed and Quality Make the DNP DS620A™ the Photo Printer of Choice for Chic Booth

    Despite its compact size, the DS620A provides the fastest print speeds available for the professional photography market — standard 4×6” images are produced in less than nine seconds, while 5×7” images are printed in approximately 15 seconds. Commenting on the printer speed, Sitou explains, “Our number-one reason for choosing the DS620A was its speed. We just couldn’t afford to have customers waiting and delaying the workflow.”


    Prior to starting his photo booth business, Sitou thoroughly researched the different professional, high quality, compact, dye-sublimation printers available.

    “Customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of my business. I had to find a printer that could meet the quality expectations of my customers…I was willing to invest more money on a DNP printer because I knew the quality was there.”-Sitou

    At only 10.8-inches wide by 14.4-inches deep by 6.7-inches high, the DNP DS620A was a perfect fit for his photo booth company because of its compact size and ease of portability.

    The DNP DS620A is small, light, and very portable, made for the unpredictable.

    “Sometimes my staff will have to carry the booth far distances, and with a heavier printer, there is a greater potential for injury. ”-Sitou

    The Mind Behind Chic Booth

    Sitou Byll-Cataria started Chic Booth in Jacksonville, Florida, in 2015 with one goal in mind: to provide a premium photo booth experience for their clients. Now a local leader in luxury photo booth rentals, Chic Booth relies on exceptional quality and personalized service to maintain its reputation for business growth.

    “A majority of our business comes from corporate events, some of our clients include: Mercedes, Lexus, and Ritz-Carlton…they appreciate the quality and professionalism that we provide. The customer experience is everything for us. We spend a lot of time analyzing our client’s needs before an event.”-Sitou Byll-Cataria

    Sitou also admires the versatility of the DS620A, giving his clients greater variety in their print size options, including:

    • 2×6” (2-up) photo strips
    • 2×6”(4-up) photo strips
    • 3.5×5” (2x), 4×6”, 4×6” (2x), 5×7”, 6×8”, 5×5”, and 6×6” square prints
    • New panoramic 6×14” and 6×20” prints
    • Glossy, matte, and luster finishes

    For additional information on DNP professional photo printing solutions, please visit:

    About Imagingcomm America Corporation (IAM)

    IAM is a 100 percent U.S. subsidiary of Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) – the world’s largest manufacturer of dye-sublimation media for photo printers and thermal transfer ribbons and barcode printers.  More information is available at

    About DNP

    DNP, founded in 1876, is the world’s largest diversified printing/coating technologies company. At its 70 production plants, both in Japan and overseas, DNP’s operations include commercial printing, packaging, decorative materials, electronics, business forms, and imaging products.  For more information, please visit


    • Andrew Mbewe
      October 9, 2017

      I need this printer,may i knw how much it can cost for me to buy it,i really need it

    • Andrew Mbewe
      October 9, 2017

      And a powerful digital camera high definition

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