Mettler Toledo Launches Their New Smart Portable pH Meter

Designed for operation at-line, in the lab, or outdoors, the Pro2Go portable pH meter provides rapid measurement, one-handed operation and great durability.

Mettler Toledo’s Pro2Go combines ergonomic design with innovative measurement features in a low-weight instrument. The rugged, water-resistant meter is compatible with both analog and Mettler Toledo’s digital Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM) pH/redox probes. ISM’s features include Plug and Measure operation for error-free setup and predictive diagnostics that indicate when the attached sensor will need to be calibrated, maintained or replaced.Compatibility with Mettler Toledo’s ISM and analog sensors means the same pH/redox probes used for in-line measurement can also be used with Pro2Go.

The meter’s storage capacity of 2,000 measurements, user and sample ID feature plus data transfer to PCs via a USB interface, allows secure data management.

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    Mettler Toledo Launc…

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